The following are criminals of the highest ranks. Guilty of crimes against the citizens of the United States and the world. High crimes including: Grand Theft, Murder, War Crimes, Financing and Supporting Terrorism, and Conspiracy. All share a connection to the Illuminati criminal cartel.

 Jacob Rothschild

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 Alan Greenspan


 Colin Powell

 John Kerry


 Hillary Clinton


 David de Rothschild


John McCain


 Jamie Dimon



 George Soros

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   George W. Bush


Henry Paulson

 Condoleezza Rice



Loretta Lynch


 Kenneth D. Lewis


 John Brennan


 Robert Mueller

 George H.W. Bush

 Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro



 Donald Rumsfeld


 Huma Abedin


 Eric Holder

 Richard Fuld


  James Comey 

 Joe Cassano



Bill Clinton

 Dick Cheney


 John Ashcroft


 Susan Rice



 Evelin Rothschild

Sanford I. Weill


 Jimmy Cayne

George Tenet

The persons in this growing list have knowingly and willingly brought some form of harm to the American people and/or the Constitution of the United States of America. Aproach with caution as they should be considered extremely bribed and dangerous! If you have any information for these or future persons in this list, regarding their crimes, please contact us  with subject “most wanted”. Provide only factual information.  

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