Behind The Deep State: How The US & Russia Support Islamic Terrorism

“The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” -Definition of “terrorism”

Both the united States and Russia have been engaged in the funding, arming and training of Islamic terrorists.  That has been thoroughly documented over the years, but it isn’t just relegated to those two countries.  Even Israel has been caught providing aid to Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

However, in a short 10-minute video, The New American’s Alex Newman cites leaked documents from government agencies proving terrorism support as well as showcases admittance from the likes of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Newman ties together Islamic terrorism and the deep state out of Russia and the U.S.  He points out how it is a real threat to our national sovereignty, security and liberty.

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Now, this shouldn’t shock you, but you must consider that some of this continues on under the Trump administration as well.

As we have documented, the Trump administration stopped the funding of the White Helmets in Syria, an Islamic terror group that uses propaganda in order to receive American funds.

The US should never have been funding our enemies and the funding to the White Helmets needs to stop now too, Mr. President.

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This article originally published by Tim Brown at Sons of Liberty media.