Bilderberg Elites Planned Free Speech Crackdown Prior to Trump Win, Internet ID Next Step


In June of 2016, Prior to the current social media purge, Bilderberg elites discussed implementing an Internet ID in Dresden, Germany.

The Bilderberg group has served as a secretive gathering of world elites for decades. Decisions made at the meetings are often implemented by attendees working to establish a world order.

Paul Joseph Watson reported on the 2016 meeting, “According to our source, the creation of a virtual passport that web users will need to obtain before they can use many Internet services is high on the agenda.”

As Infowars reported based on sources within the meeting, the proposed Internet ID would allow Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to “use the online passport to revoke posting permission if a user violates terms of agreement.”

Under the Obama administration, a National Internet ID was proposed. CBS News reported in 2011,

“President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans.”

The program was sold as being “voluntary”, and was never fully implemented.

Those involved said that the ID needed to be created by the private sector because if the government did it, “it wouldn’t be trusted”.

When discussions were taking place on how to implement this ID system, Facebook emerged.

MIT Technology Review reported in 2011 that “Facebook wants to supply your Internet Driver’s License”.

Google and Facebook have the infrastructure and databases necessary to implement this Internet ID system. Facebook is developing a cashless payment system. These companies have our personal data, and a monopoly over the internet. They have also shown a malicious intent to ban nationalist, Christian and conservative voices from their platforms.

Contributed by Daniel Taylor of Old-Thinker News.