Ilhan Omar: All Women Deserve To Kill Babies, It’s Healthcare


When it comes to controversy, U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is no stranger. On more than one occasion she has sparked outrage from the right. Many times earning criticism, other times not so much. While she may be deserving of criticism, one should also give credit where credit is due. After all, maybe she is still learning what it is to be an American.

Face it, right is right and wrong is wrong, a spade is a spade. Omar has every right to voice concerns of another nation as much as anyone else. She also has a responsibility to find the truth for those whom she represents. Minnesota’s 5th district put her in a position to do just that. However, the people of Minneapolis seem to be taking a back seat to Ilhan’s concern for Georgia. 

Ilhan Omar spent most of the day of May 7th bashing president Trump for the Muslim ban and separating children from their families at the border. While it’s easy to agree that the separation of real actual families is not a good thing, Omar’s concern does not seem genuine. Does she have a deep concern for family values, or is she just grandstanding for lunatic liberals?

One statement in particular shows just how much Omar cares about children. In response to Georgia passing it’s “heartbeat bill,” Omar said, “Georgia’s “heartbeat bill” is aimed at stripping away a woman’s right to choose. All women deserve the right to a safe, affordable abortion. Abortion is healthcare, plain and simple.” 

Omar would be wise to fact check herself. Georgia’s “heartbeat bill” is not stripping away a woman’s right to choose. The bill says nothing about dictating a woman’s choice to have sex. No woman deserves the right to an abortion, the constitution mentions nothing about abortion being a right. In fact, the fourteenth amendment says just the opposite with “nor shall any State deprive any person of life”. Abortion is murder, plain and simple.  

It seems as though Omar is confusing Georgia with Minnesota. She does not represent Georgia and should respect their right to chose how they will. In fact, it’s safe to say that not one person in Georgia voted for Ilhan Omar. That hasn’t stopped her from bashing them for regulating the murder of the innocent, or as she would call it, healthcare that all women should experience.



Voters of Minneapolis can take comfort knowing that their representative is fighting hard for the rights of Georgia’s anti-lifers. Oddly enough, this beacon of social justice had nothing to say about recent racism surrounding a mayoral race in Georgia

Ilhan Omar is not alone in her thirst for the blood of the most innocent. From politicians to Hollywood celebrities, Brian Kemp’s signature set heretic tongues on fire, echoing Omar’s calls to eradicate the U.S. of it’s unborn. 

Stacy Abrams claimed “half of the state” of Georgia does not value life and protecting life is “evil” and will take away jobs. Abrams is considering a 2020 presidential run and it sounds like she has a plan to boost the economy by legalizing murder in order to create jobs. 

Bette Midler called the people of Georgia and Alabama “Neanderthals” and went on to claim the government is forcing people to have sex. Midler who is admittedly a “Washed up Psycho”, believes it is necessary to slaughter innocent babies because they might not get to go to a good school.  

Kamala Harris, who’s career is built on shame, said Georgia’s decision to protect babies after they are proven alive is “shameful”. Kamala also seeks a 2020 presidential nomination, her plan is to pick up where Obama left off.  Harris/Abrams 2020?



Alyssa Milano called for women to stop having sex until they are given the right to escape the consequences of their choice through murder. Milano said, “A #SexStrike is a way to target straight, cisgender men so they may feel the physical consequences of our reproductive rights being systematically eliminated.”  

Georgia is not alone in passing bills to regulate abortion, but their version of a “heartbeat bill” sparked outrage with those who thirst for innocent blood. The morally bankrupt are teaching young women to use sex as a weapon to satisfy their evil desires. Claiming they are “pro-choice” but failing to teach what the choice is. Sex is the choice and pregnancy is a possible outcome. Nobody has introduced any laws hindering a woman’s right to choose not to have sex. Now that Alabama has knocked one out of the park, things are sure to get interesting on both sides.