I read an article talking about Jefferson’s spirit of resistance. Where is it at? I agree with the article, it asks a very good question. Resistance, it is in the blood of us all, right? The spirit of government resistance is what lead to the foundation of America. The article got me thinking, it is not only America’s Christian leaders that have backed down. There is another group that has backed down.

Has Rock ‘N Roll Died?

Now I realize that is a silly question. As the song says, rock n roll will never die. Truth is, rock n roll as music will not die. But the spirit of rock roll is almost dead. Where are your rebellious rockers today? Musicians have a great deal of influence, and they once used it to be a voice of the people. Today, they use their influence to become rich and corrupt the minds of America’s youth. Not all do, but the majority. The very few that hit home on issues, are chasing issues separately and they are scattered issues. The one issue right now, that has a large following is the war based on lies. Where is rock n roll on this? There is a very small percent of musicians hitting this today. So small, those who are hitting it are not heard.

Of course, you have your scattered radio stations playing “Born In The USA” but they think it is an “America is great” song. A lot of them don’t realize that it is a protest song. I am reminded of lyrics from Kurt Cobain. “He’s the one Who likes all the pretty songs And he likes to sing along And he likes to shoot his gun But he knows not what it means” ~ Nirvana “In Bloom” How true those words are! This from a band when rockers still had it in them to speak up. Of course around this time, we didn’t have the major issue we have right now, the “war on terror”. Think about the influence that Cobain had on America’s youth. What do you think would have happened if his prime was now, instead of then. What if he cam out against a war because we were lied to? Do you think our government would have been able to censor him enough? I don’t think so. Nirvana had such a large fan base, musicians dream about. Cobain had the type of fans that are against establishment. Not to mention the rest of the bands at about the same time, while a bit different, still held a lot of the same fan base. I.E.
Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, etc. I guarantee, if this war was then, we would have had another woodstock on our hands. A real one, not the false remakes.

So, where are they today? Today’s voices of Rock n Roll, where are they? Music is nothing but big business these days. Metallica is proof of that. Rebel voices standing against rebel actions. Where is the Metallica I knew? The Metallica that I helped make rich, that band that dedicated a whole album to war songs. Where are they? We hear these musicians and like what they have to say, so we run out and make them rich. Now when we need them to amplify our voice, they are in hiding. Where are these brave and fearless rockers? What are they afraid of?

Growing up, my dream was to be a great musician. (still is really). But if I would have had half the fame, I would be damned if I would sit back and let the people down. How many Rockers showed up in support of Cindy? When I say rockers, I don’t mean just the heavy metal people. I mean any type of music that has any kind of rock n roll influence. Which is about all music. Rappers are included too. Where are your tough guy rappers at? Sure, they’ll tell you how big and bad they are, they aint about to put up with no police harassing them over drugs. But they are not about to tell you how they feel about the war started on a lie. They so tough, they aint gonna back down from authority trying to break up their gang. But they aint so tough that they’re gonna talk about the president. They aint afraid to bust a cap in your ass for spankin their bitches for free, but they have no feelings on being lied into a deadly war.

Would protesting viet nam had been so big without the musicians? I really don’t think so. Music is a part of everything. Follow the music, and you’ll find the people. When you find the people, you find the advertisers. Then finally, you’ll end up finding the media. I am not at all suggesting another woodstock. Corporations will certainly try to profit off that, and ruin the whole thing. All I am suggesting is that some of these bands stick together to electrify the voice of the people. We are their fans, without the fans they would have nothing. Return the damned favor! Get out of hiding.

Somebody needs to revitalize the spirit of Rock n Roll! All you rockers need to get rid of your damned business degrees and get back to your roots. Start making music, not money. If you make good music, the money will come. There are some damned important issues right now, I don’t need to see your commercialized live 8. I don’t need to support RAG Rock Against Gingivitis. I need to hear you getting in the face of a liar who has put our nation in harms way.

But you are too commercial for that, so you keep on rock’n in the free world.