People are erroneously stating that Donald Trump’s executive order signed over the weekend “cuts payroll taxes on workers.” It doesn’t. It defers the taxes, meaning you still have to pay them at a later date.

If we ever expect to have any kind of honest and rational society, we have to start waking up to the truth. Of course, taxation of labor is, always was, and always will be theft.  But deferment is not “cutting your theft rate” either. It simply means thugs will attempt the theft at a later date.  It’s tough to hear, that Trump did nothing, but sometimes the truth hurts.

At his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., Trump announced he was postponing payroll taxes through the end of the year, extending the unemployment “bonus” at $400 a week (down from $600), helping people “stay in their homes” and waiving student debt payments through the end of 2020. The details, however, are not as generous as he made them sound, writes the Washington Post. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together understands that this is nothing more than the political posturing of a Federal Reserve puppet.

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Again, tough to hear, but the truth is treason in the empire of lies. And, an executive order delaying the taxation is really supposed to be a power reserved to Congress (they have a monopoly of theft unless you include the police and civil asset forfeiture.) If you believe in “law and order” and the Constitution then Trump overstepped anyway. Any changes to taxes or spending are supposed to come from Congress, so it is likely Trump will face a legal challenge over these actions as well. It’ll end up being smoke and mirrors and a designed distraction while the Federal Reserve continues to impoverish the masses, but provide a good show while it’s happening to keep the majority asleep and “rooting for” one side or the other.

The real problems are those not being reported on or those coming down the pipe if you can read between the lines. This is still a war on the people. It’s a battle for our minds and most of us are still losing. It’s past time to take responsibility for our own actions and realize that this system, regardless of the puppets dancing on command, was set up against us.

Trump may be trying to help, and this might be all he can do. However, if you believe that he is trying to help but limited in what can do, while also believing he’s going to be able to take down the deep state, you’re delusional at best and willfully ignorant at worst. Especially considering he’s rolling out the military to help force Americans to take a COVID vaccine.

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Political there is nothing more. It’s all a charade and a facade designed to keep us distracted from the system set up against us.

Originally published by Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.