Courts Rule License To Drive Not Required

license to drive

A commonly overlooked and infringed freedom is being brought to light for anyone wishing to empower themselves with knowledge. Many citizens are being fined, arrested and even jailed for abusing their driving privileges, so they are led to believe. However, most are unaware that they do not need a license to drive or even a registration.

You read that correct, I did say that you do not need a license to drive. 

This news will understandably be met with skepticism and fact-checking, actually it already is “fact-checked”. Though the “experts” claim a driver’s license is mandatory, it should be noted that they admittedly have no actual legal experience. Standing on the claim that our rights require no license, I argue they are wrong.

Free people do not ask permission, but we’ll get to that later.

Don’t just take my word for it. Many courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have ruled that the right to drive is a fundamental constitutional right which must be protected.

Personally, I am so confident that from this point I will no longer be renewing a license or registration. If you follow along as I break this down, I will try to help you understand how you might choose to do the same. And reveal a golden nugget of law knowledge that those behind the curtain absolutely do not want you to understand.

First, let’s take a look at the ill informed, pro license to drive view, published by Doug Dahl at The Bellingham Herald .

The License To Drive Bootlicker’s View

This view presented by Mr. Dahl is the most widely accepted, and pushed by the so-called experts. However, they are wrong and if you are listening to these people then you should be asking what qualifies them. Their argument relies solely on the misguided belief that government choses our rights, and we can not drive without a license because the police say so.

You are free to subscribe to this belief and continue licensing your rights. But, doing so is a total disregard of the law.

It is true, misunderstanding the law can and does have real-life consequences. People’s lives are changed and ruined every day for not understanding the law.  It’s also true that without a Driver’s License, your traffic stop will probably not go smoothly. The first time. However, that does not mean you are wrong. It means the officer conducting the stop does not know the law, as most actually do not. There is a big difference between the law and the rules, or what is legal vs. lawful.

Bellingham Herald offers a great disservice to its readers. They chime in as an authority on the subject without any legal knowledge or research. After admitting that the US Supreme Court has ruled this as our right, they then tell us it’s foolish to believe grown adults can do things without permission. Because.

Update For My Readers

Their article does point out that we live in a time where you can find the answer to anything in seconds, and the wrong answer even faster. This is confirmed, as their wrong answer appears at the top of google search. 

What Doug overlooks is the fact that the federal government doesn’t mandate a national driver’s license because the US Supreme Court (by his own admission) ruled that it is our right to travel on the highway. Since the Supreme Court has decided, then lower local courts cannot decide otherwise. He then claims that the constitution grants us the right to free travel. This is the red flag that shows he is clueless in law. The constitution does not grant us any rights, God does. Our constitution is the law that protects and recognizes this truth.  

Of course, this is assuming you are operating in a private capacity. (vs. public / commercial) If you don’t understand what that means, then you definitely need to read to the end.

The Constitution Is Your License To Drive

Now, let’s take a look at this video from the Here’s The Deal channel on youtube discussing several court rulings.

Brian has plenty of interesting content on his various channels, such as the above video. It seems more fitting to link to his video than to repeat what someone else has said. However, I also do so as a way of standing together against tyranny. Therefore I share his video while including my knowledge, as those of us who are truly on the side of truth and justice must stand together. 

Notice the difference in reporting? The source providing truth is pushed to the bottom, while the source pushing propaganda without proving their claim is pushed to the top. This is being done deliberately, of course. The less people understand the law, the easier it is to violate and control them.

While being heavily censored, Here’s The Deal provides real and honest journalism on this subject. He uses facts to show that we are free to travel without a license, and provides actual court rulings to enforce his claim. He has shared just about all the information one should need to understand and exercise this right. Now it’s just a matter of understanding how to properly defend your right.

For myself, Brian published his video at the perfect time. Ordinarily I would have seen this information, agreed with it, and gone about my life. Like many others I would have found it interesting, but realizing I’m not a lawyer, not worth the hassle. That was before being forced to learn a thing or two. 

You might think that you know the law, but do you though?

Understanding the Law and Your License to Drive

Most people today take their rights for granted and are quickly losing grasp with the truth that human rights even exists. Conditioned to believe they are being “law abiding citizens”, without the slightest understanding of the law. The Driver’s License is a perfect example of this. For decades we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot get in our own vehicle and travel down the road without a license granting the privilege. Americans rights to travel are being violated thousands of times every day. All because they believe their rights are privileges, and commercial statutes apply to them. 

After our soul, our rights are the most valuable thing we possess. So valuable that government and corporations are trying everything they can to deprive you of them. We’ve heard the saying “freedom isn’t free”, but that is not true. Freedom is free, but it must be protected. You are the only one who can truly defend your freedom. The only way a person can successfully defend their rights, is to first gain an understanding of the law.

Earlier, I promised a golden nugget of law knowledge. Here is the hidden easter egg within the matrix of the legal system that those within absolutely do not want you to find.

The Law Revolves Around Our Rights

Yes it’s true, the law revolves around our rights. It is very important to truly understand this. Our constitution is the law that restricts government from our rights, including the right to travel without a license to drive. It is the People that are granting privileges, to government. The Constitution is The Law, everything else is policy, statutes, and codes. If you do not comprehend this fact, do not pass go. Your defense will fail and you’ll be thrown into a horrible situation.

Trust me, I know. I’m not just preaching from my chair, I’m living it.

Recent events in my own life have led to my current situation of battling the State for my rights. This battle (through court) consists of spending day and night of the past 7 months researching and learning the legal system. Prior to this, I had a decent knowledge of “law” and even successfully defended myself in a few minor cases. However, I now realize that little bit of knowledge meant nothing compared to what I have learned this past year. Charges were more serious this time and I didn’t want to take any chances, so I hired a lawyer. That turned out to be a big and very costly mistake. My lawyer was actually working with the State against me, and yes I have 100 percent proof. Therefore, I had to learn how to re-open my case and do the job that I already paid an attorney to do.

Standing On Our Rights

I have been forced to learn how the legal system is working. So I say with certainty that I can beat a Driver’s License charge in court before having to stand in front of the judge. No lawyer necessary.

If we do not stand firm on our rights then we are presumed not to have any. There is not anyone in the legal system who will acknowledge your rights without being made to do so. The choice and responsibility to assert your rights belongs to you. 

There are several reasons that you might want to exchange your driving privileges for traveling rights. Perhaps your license is currently suspended and you don’t have 1 to 10 thousand dollars to have them reinstated. Or maybe you are like me and you refuse to wave your rights in exchange for expensive privileges. Whatever your reason, you have been given enough information to take the next step. That step depends on you. You either feel comfortable enough to start defending your right, or you want to further inform yourself.

Should you chose to proceed in this direction then the most important thing to understand is who you are and what you are doing. You are NOT a driver of a motor vehicle, you are traveling with your property. It is very important that you do not agree with an official claiming you are driving a motor vehicle. Otherwise you are entering an implied contract and agreeing to the rules of that contract.

Further Understanding

Knowing your rights is not enough. You need to have an understanding of how “the law” works in order to choose the most effective defense. 

You can argue with a cop on the side of the road until you are blue in the face, but you are not likely to change their mind; and, you should consider the reasons not to do so. The longer you interact with police, you increase the probability of being arrested with additional charges or even losing your life. This is the sad reality of the current American police state. 

The officer pulling you over has already determined that you are subject to the rules that they have authority to enforce. Furthermore, the officer also believes that they have the right to force you into compliance using any means necessary. 

However, the police will get the message loud and clear when the Court rules against them. Once you learn how to direct your local court into upholding the State and US Supreme court decisions, the entire police department will be forced to acknowledge that moving about from here to there is a fundamental right. 

There are current cases of people successfully traveling without plates or a license to drive. And many unsuccessful cases as well. I encourage you to do enough research to make informed decisions.

Enough information exists to support this truth. I invite you to follow me on social media (top of page), where I share this information as it comes my way, subscribe to my mail list, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am putting together a video based on the License to Drive issue, where I will show how to successfully implement this process from start to finish.

* Note 1: This video will take some time to finish as I am also busy with my current legal battle.
*Note 2: This article has nothing to do with the ‘sovereign citizen‘, ‘natural man‘, ‘straw-man‘, or any other such movements. This is simply an education of exercising our God-given rights, for which you need no special explanations.

Thank you for reading and/or sharing this article. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this subject in the comments below, and share any questions you would like answered in upcoming videos about this topic.