‘Human Meat’ Wins Vegan Award

human meat


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world of cannibalism, dodging neighbors whom may be craving a bite of savory human meat? The reality might be closer than you think.

While the super-rich push to eliminate real beef, companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are racing for their endorsements. The LIVEKINDLY Co. has stepped up to the plate with a burger that is sure to have Bill Gates uncontrollably licking his chops for a bite of Oumph!

Oumph!, a ‘plant-based’ food brand from Sweden, has created an award winning vegan burger that they claim “tastes like human meat“. The company also says they have captured “the perfect texture of flesh”.

 The flesh flavored burger recently won two top awards at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the Activation Lion and Silver Brand Experience.

Eating flesh must be as disgusting as it sounds. The cannibal burger is made “mostly” of soya, mushrooms, wheat protein, plant based fats and a “mysterious spice mix”. We can only imagine what twisted mysteries make up the spice mix.

Eerie Creation of Fake Human Meat

Anders ‘Ankan’ Linden, the company’s Co-Founder said: “Developing a plant-based burger that tastes of human meat was exciting, and a little bit scary, and then for this campaign to win in Cannes is incredibly exciting! We developed this burger in no time as soon as we knew what taste and texture we were after.” Though, he did not say how they knew.

Henrik Åkerman, Oumph! Global Brand Leader adds: “Our mission is to change how people eat, and it is our duty to use creativity as a tool to make this change happen. As a small brand we need to be bold and ready to push some boundaries to break through.”

If this news doesn’t already disturb you, then perhaps you should consider a few questions. 

Flesh Eating Questions

First, the obvious questions are: (1) What are the not mostly ingredients of the cannibal burger? (2) How would these people know what the taste and texture of human flesh is like? (3) Why would anyone push others to acquire such tastes? As we have seen more than once, the rich are into some very messed up activities. Therefore, it is forgivable to wonder if they are also into hunting and eating humans.

More importantly, are we ready for the consequences of pushing these boundaries?

The fake meat industry is already a boundary we shouldn’t cross, but trying to replicate the taste and texture of human meat shouldn’t even be a question. The world’s elite are using their wealth to force change in our way of living, taking control of everything we do, even telling us how and what to eat. Coincidentally enough, as they coax us into synthetic meats, traditional food manufacturers are being destroyed weekly. Though hard to accept, they seem to be pushing us to cannibalism.

Real meat is an important part of the human diet, that meat should come from the animals that are serving their purpose. Removing access to real meat is going to cause a lot of people to naturally crave it. Now they are pushing boundaries to get humans comfortable with the flavor of eating their own. When the real meat supply is unattainable, it will be only a matter of time before people are preying upon each other for a bite of flesh filet.

Everything that provides us life, survives from carbon in one way or another. The elite want to remove carbon, so we have to ask ourselves: Are the elite serving a god that wants to stop “climate change”, or a god that wants to remove all humans?



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