Some years have passed since I first published this site, a couple decades actually. I think back to those days remembering how it all started and why I kept it going. There have been a lot of changes since then, for me personally, for this site and for the world as well. None of those changes would benefit We The People

As for this article, changes affecting this site are the main concern. Some of the changes, and tactics used against me, over the years have led to America Uncensored going slightly off path and also a loss of a great deal of valuable information. I intend to fix that. 

The first step in fixing it, is to reach out to my readers and let you know what is going on with this website and to ask for your support.

This site developed originally out of a hobby, so to say. In my spare time I would research certain subjects of my own personal interests. Things that would gain myself the CIA label, “conspiracy theorist”. I couldn’t help but to feel I had to share the information I was finding, but publishing where I was writing under pen names in print wouldn’t be appropriate. Though it was still fairly fresh, the internet was becoming quite popular for people looking for information. I decided to build a free hosted website through Yahoo, Geocities (I believe it was called then). Before too long, I was approaching max available space provided with free hosting and was growing in viewership daily. If you wanted to find information about certain subjects like JFK, the Moon landing, secret societies, fluoride in the water, and other “conspiracy” topics, my site was becoming a good source to do that. 

On September 11, 2001, one of the greatest conspiracies in world history was pulled off. The attack on the World Trade Center would become an important moment for America Uncensored. Three days later I published a short article giving reasons I believed it was an inside job. After publishing the post I learned two things, 1) it completed the amount of space allowed with free hosting and it was gaining a large viewership, I was going to have to go bigger. 2) I was obviously not the only one believing 9/11 was a lie. This was my generation’s JFK Assassination handed to us in plane sight

At this time in my life I was doing alright financially, so I decided to move my site to paid hosting under its own domain. Doing this allowed me to publish more information and permitted the website to handle more traffic. America Uncensored was officially published online, and continuing to grow in readership. As the site started to grow, two confidential informants came aboard as authors, and we quickly rose in popularity until we were able to hold our rank among top 10 and top 5 lists of top conspiracy and alternative websites. I was content, it became far more than anticipated.

We remained 100 percent self supported, monetizing on the internet was fairly fresh and though we took a stab at it, we were quickly blocked from ads. 

That’s the basics of how this got started, from there it has been a battle to stay online. We were forced offline twice, the first time without explanation hosting was cancelled and our domain extension froze. With a new host and and modified extension, we were able to restart in time to continue with some of the momentum. The second time wasn’t so forgiving.

Going into the time of the “Ron Paul Revolution”, the election that proved all presidents are selected, tactics (including death threats) against us ramped up. These tactics will be discussed later in future articles. However, it lead to the other two authors stepping away for identity concerns. At that point it was all down to myself once again, which was not a big concern. My biggest concern at that point was warding off thousands of viral attacks aimed at the site while I was busy with my “day-job” and other life things. I was already used to being watched, followed and harassed as it came with the territory, but it doesn’t stop there. Finally a successful attempt hit my network with a virus which fried my equipment useless, then the site itself was able to get hit and I was unable to prevent or fix it.

While this was happening, bogus legal proceedings were being brought against me which led to the loss of my employment and everything I owned. They wanted me to be silent, and used their might to make it happen. Now, I was a voiceless, penniless, and homeless single father who somehow didn’t qualify for the assistance of another class in the same situation. I had to worry about priorities and that meant hustling through crap jobs to re-establish life for myself and my son. With no time or finances to run my website, I was beaten nearly into submission. 

Aside from social media, which was much different then, I was taken offline. Some were able to follow me onto myspace before this site went down, and from there onto other platforms. To those people I am grateful.

It would take a few years before my life was back in order enough to re-publish America Uncensored. I didn’t realize it then, but after 20+ years, this had become my life’s work. Once I felt financially stable, the site was re-published online. I was working long hours and didn’t have as much free time to spend on the site, so some changes were made. These changes included a new format and certain subjects left out. The new format was so I could republish other authors on this site, I do not prefer it this way but with time constraints I was unable to finish enough articles for regular updates. Some subjects were left out in my attempt to appease the false gods of censorship. Efforts in vain. 

I attribute the earlier success of America Uncensored to the passion I had about certain issues, American freedom being the biggest. Though it had earned itself being categorized as a conspiracy website, it was far more than that. It was more about offering alternative views to important events, exposing truth behind the lies, and activism within the community. I’ve been active within my own community for important issues, I wasn’t just preaching from the chair. Wherever I am, if something isn’t right, I take a stand. When it comes to public officials and representatives, I published all correspondences, the public has a right to know. I was a thorn in their side.

There is something I’ve always understood about protecting our liberties from the system, that we all need to do our part at our level. Corruption infects the highest levels of our government, voting doesn’t count and the majority feel hopeless to do anything about it. Yes, the president is corrupt, but honestly what are any of us going to do about it? The answer is nothing, we are voiceless to that level and we all know it. But we all have a voice at our local level and it is up to each of us to make it heard. It’s important to understand that the president didn’t become corrupt after becoming president, he was always corrupt. If he made it to the top, it is because his corruption was never punished at the bottom.

In 2006 I wrote an article which was almost a blueprint for what some people are now doing on Youtube with their constitutional audits. For me, it’s really cool to see many of these videos and it’s long overdue. We must hold our local representatives accountable and let them know we are no longer going to tolerate corruption, and we need to let them know that we are watching them as much as they are watching us. Each and everyone of us need to be standing together with and for each others freedom, and that starts on the community level. 

This brings me to letting you know future plans for this site, what is currently going on, and reaching out for your help and support.

As I have said earlier, I plan to fix issues with this site that were created through the process of trying to stay online. I am currently working on a new format in hopes of giving this site the look and feel it had in the beginning. Also, I am working on gathering together much of the information that is now missing. this will take some time but when it is complete will be better. After several years of proof that they will continue to censor me, it has become clear that information was omitted for no reason. 

Currently, I am experiencing deja vu. The Ohio government has once again brought bogus legal proceedings against me. The exact details are coming out in future articles. I chose to keep my identity sealed until I could officially file charges, and that has now been done. This time I am fighting back with all that I can. They have wrongfully arrested me, put me in jail for 4 nights, forced me out of my home to live in my vehicle for 3 months, cost me my employment, and even took my clothes from me. To this day, they have not returned my clothes of which they stole. I am losing everything I own. This has been going on since November 11, 2021. There is a published report asking other citizens with claims to come forward, and from there I have started an investigation into the corruption within my local community. This investigation is likely to continue into other counties and eventually most of the state of Ohio. Depending on how successful we are, this has the potential to spread throughout the nation. 

The biggest hurdle through this is that I can not do it all alone. I need as much help and support as I can get in order to continue forward. This is not just for this website, nor is it just about myself, this is much bigger than that. I am fighting back for justice, not only for my own case but also all of my fellow citizens whom are having their lives interfered with by our public officials. I am working very hard on this right now and feel that I must see it through. Currently I have over 100 complaints submitted to me, and the majority are turning out to be legitimate. As long as I am able, I will help each of them fight back, give them a voice, and point them in the direction for further recourse. We The People do not have to tolerate this any longer.

All of these claims will be backed up with future releases. I am putting together a series on corruption in my county and surrounding counties, the plan is to offer articles based on each case. The full details of my own case should soon be published. This investigation is going to show a vast web of corruption that ruins any life in its path. I am going to show how not only was my life ruined, but this same group is responsible for my sons imprisonment and connected to my brother’s death. That’s just my experience, many others have been handed the same fate. 

Future articles will also show that this criminal ring is comprised of politicians, cops, prosecutors, judges, and even the lawyers. Whom will be named.

There are several ways you can help and support this work. Any and all support is greatly appreciated, please do what you can.

  • Like and Share my content. This goes a long way considering todays censorship.
  • Subscribe. To this site and the Youtube channel which should soon have uploaded content.
  • Buy from our store. Admittedly this has a ways to go, most of our old designs had to be removed, new stuff will be coming.
  • Donate. Your donations are needed now more than ever.

For the first time in the history of doing this, I am pushing for donations. My work and this site has always been self funded, and at this time I can not afford to keep it going on my own. I am working day and night on all of the cases brought to me. I am currently at a crossroad that I’ve been before. One direction is letting it go, jumping back into the system and taking several years to fix the damage inflicted. The other direction is taking this head on and seeing it through for myself and others, doing so means I will probably lose everything I have. They took my employment so that I could no longer afford to fight back, this will be proven. This battle could get expensive and they will do everything to prevent me from going forward. So if you can and you support the cause, you can donate to my work at PayPal (@AmericaUncensored), CashApp ($americauncensored), and Venmo (@AmericaUncensored). And I cannot thank you enough.

Several things will come from this experience, hopefully justice will be one of them. These things will include a series of articles, a series of videos, and also a book I am writing for self defense in court. This book is currently in the making and is being put together from the knowledge I have learned through this process. The purpose will be to help others defend themselves in court without having to worry if their lawyer is secretly working for the other side, as mine clearly was. 

Finally, If you reside in the Northwest Ohio area and you have information of or are a victim of corrupt public officials, I invite you to submit your claims to Media Defiance LLC at (any other correspondence should be directed through this website)