State V. Steele: A Reality Of Events

State v Steele


The following is an account for the reality of events in the case of Ohio State V. Lawrence Steele, as provided by the wrongfully accused. 

 On November 11, 2021, two armed men wearing costumes kidnapped me at work and took me to a trap house. When they got me inside I noticed several more armed men wearing the same gang colors before they put me in a room and chained me to a chair. After about two hours of interrogations and claiming they rule over me, they took me to and locked me in a hog barn for the rest of the night.

The next morning I was awakened, fed slops, and taken to a tiny room with a flatscreen tv. A few minuets later the screen lit up and a man wearing a black cloak appeared. The dark dressed man made me agree to his terms and told me I could not return home if I wanted set free.

After agreeing to the overlord’s terms, I was taken to a bus, my hands and feet were chained to the floor, then taken to the middle of the city and set free.

Later that evening, while visiting my brother, I noticed a car displaying the same gang symbols from the night before parked behind my truck. After leaving my brother’s house the same car forced me to the side of the road. Once I got stopped, an armed costume wearing man ran up to my truck and accused me of breaking the rules. The gangster then forced me out of my truck, stole a bag of clothes from me, and kidnapped me. He then took me back to and locked me in the same hog barn as the night before.

For the next 3 nights I remained locked in the barn, stripped of all freedom and privacy, being fed slops, and sleeping on a cold steel slab. 

On the morning of 11/15/2021, I was again awakened, fed slops, and taken to the tiny room with a flatscreen. A few minutes later the screen lit up and the dark cloaked overlord appeared, this time with anger. He belittled me and told me I was going to pay for disobeying his orders and calling him a liar. He once again made me agree to his terms, I was not allowed to return to my home and I was not allowed to let those bills go unpaid, but this time I would have to pay 5,000 dollars to be released.

Once I had paid the ransom and agreed to the terms, I was chained into a van and let go in the middle of the city. Finally I was free again, but I knew I had to watch every move I made because this gang of thugs was watching every move I made. After walking to my truck, I went to the store to replace some of the clothes stolen from me. 

Throughout the next 3 months I remained homeless, living in my vehicle, while paying every penny I earned in ransom and the cost to live in my home without the right to do so.

To this day, no person has shown me any proof that grants them such power and authority over me.

I attest the story you have just read is a 100% true account though the scope of reality. A viscous gang has taken control of our nation, operating freely in every city and town of the United States. The gang attacking me is known as the State of Ohio and they control Defiance County through cops, prosecutors, lawyers and judges. Without just cause or the right to do so, they acted against me. When I chose to fight back, they went as far as taking my employment. Through future released articles and videos, I intend to prove how they did this and show how it is all connected together on a local level.