America Uncensored / February 25, 2006

Note: This is a late report, we thank you for your patience. There are multiple reasons for the delay
include technical issues with the server and available time. We felt accuracy was more important than
time. This site is by no means a mainstream site, therefore time is not always on our side.

On October 3, 2005 This site released a survey asking the viewers if they thought
President Bush should be impeached. The survey was open from October 3 to
November 2, 2005. We wanted to run our survey because at the time, the mainstream
outlet was not asking the question that many people was wanting to be asked. Most
mainstream polls were asking if you felt he broke the law, knowingly lied or if he was
doing a good job. Some of the mainstream has since released polls asking the question
of impeachment.

After opening our survey we received e-mail from some people suggesting we should
have been more specific with the impeachment question. One such response said we
should have asked if you would be for impeachment if the president was found to have
knowing lied about WMD’s. We felt there was no reason to be too specific as you are the
American people, the choice is yours. We also feel that the President and his
administration has done plenty enough to warrant an impeachment.

Our survey was set up so one computer could only vote once. We tried to make this as
fair and accurate as possible. We asked 7 questions, the only question with a required
response was the question of impeachment. Not all questions had the same number of

The results of the survey show a majority in favor of impeachment, not only the
president, but also his entire administration. A total of 6,417 people took part in this
survey. 73.2% voted in favor of impeachment for the President and his entire
administration. 25% answered to impeach just the president. 1.4% of  those polled voted
no for impeachment, and .4% said no, America is in the best shape ever. This comes
out to a total of 98.2% of 6,417 people polled voted in favor of a presidential
impeachment, and 1.8% of 6,417 people polled are against impeachment of the

We are guessing that the .4% possibly represent members of the Bush administration,
kidding of course but who knows. It is hard to believe that anyone could feel that
America is in it’s best shape ever.

Out of 6,417 people who participated in this survey, 5,969 people answered which
political party they fit in with. 54.6% answered independent. 15.7% answered democrat.
13.7% answered libertarian party, and 12.3% answered constitution party. Only 3.7% of
5,969 people said they were with the republican party. We realized after the release of
this survey, we left out other parties like the green party and we apologize for that.

5,871 people answered which source do they rely on for news coverage. 88.2% from the
Internet, 4.2% from television, 3% from newspaper, 2.2% from radio, and 2.4% of 5,871
people answered other.

Out of 5,833 people, 46.2% said they consider their self to be a Christian, and 53.8%
said they do not. Our reason for including  this question was to show that even Christians
feel Bush should be impeached. Bush depended on Christian support for his re-election
and this shows that he may be losing much of that support, as 96.8% of 5,784 people
said they felt Bush was lying about his faith because his actions are not that of a
Christian. 3.2% said he is not lying about his faith because the bible warrants his actions.

When asked if they support the war in Iraq, the majority answered no. Out of 5,968
people 49% said no, but they do support the troops. 48.6% answered just no. 1.4% said
yes, but we need a timetable to leave, and 1% said they do support the war in Iraq. This
comes out to a total of 97.6% of 5,968 people against the war, and only 2.4% are in
support of the war in Iraq.

This survey is being re-opened, all past results are saved so only those who have not
already voted may do so. We encourage you to take part. You can view and vote in the
survey at here. We would like to thank everyone that takes part in this survey, and a
special thanks to everyone who refers this survey to others.

We have opened a new survey asking your thoughts of military action with Iran. If you
would like to take part in the survey, you can click here

L. Steele / February 12, 2006

On Saturday, February 11, 2006 Vice President Dick Cheney shot and wounded a man
during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, spraying the fellow hunter in the face and
chest with shotgun pellets. The incident is being called an accident. The vice president’s
office did not disclose the accident until the day after it happened.

What is the reason for the delay? Is there any reason to believe this is anything other
than an accident? The Bush administration has already shown disregard for the law,
countless times. They have already shown they feel they are above the law. With all of
the crimes they have already committed, what’s one more? Could this be an attempted

Most people will blow this off as just an accident, two friends on a hunting trip. Hunting
accidents do happen, but you have to ask yourself, would this be blown off so easily if it
was the other way around? The delay in reporting this incident could suggest that
Cheney needed time to meet with all witnesses and get their stories strait. This incident
also resembles a classic mafia style hit. Two old friends get together thinking they are
on a hunting trip, but somebody needs to be silenced.

The man that Cheney shot was Harry Whittington, a millionaire attorney from Austin.
Whittington has contributed to the Bush campaign, but has also taken up cases that
may possibly be against the Bush agenda. He has been appointed to many committees
and commissions, including the Office of Patient Protection Executive Committee.
Whittington is outspoken about his doubts about the death penalty as it is applied in
Texas, especially in regards to defendants who are mentally retarded. He has also had
minor victories in eminent domain cases against local government. We already know the
Bush agenda is against patient protection, and all for the death penalty and government
having power to take your land. With Whittington being involved in campaign
contributions, is there a connection to a big scandal? Maybe not, supporting the
republican party does not absolutely mean you support the Bush administration.

The property where Whittington was shot is owned by Lobbyists Katherine Armstrong. In
2000 she pledged $100,000 to the Bush campaign. Is this the type of person that would
say anything incriminating about anyone within the Bush administration? Highly unlikely.

[Armstrong said she was watching from a car while Cheney, Whittington and another
hunter got out of the vehicle to shoot at a covey of quail. Whittington shot a bird and
went to look for it in the tall grass, while Cheney and the third hunter walked to another
spot and discovered a second covey. Whittington “came up from behind the vice
president and the other hunter and didn’t signal them or indicate to them or announce
Armstrong said.“The vice president didn’t see him,” she continued. “The covey
flushed and the vice president picked out a bird and was following it and shot. And by
God, Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good.”
Armstrong, owner of
the Armstrong Ranch where the accident occurred, said Whittington was bleeding and
Cheney was very apologetic.“It broke the skin,” she said of the shotgun pellets. “It
knocked him silly. But he was fine. He was talking. His eyes were open. It didn’t get in
his eyes or anything like that.””Fortunately, the vice president has got a lot of medical
people around him and so they were right there and probably more cautious than we
would have been,”
she said. “The vice president has got an ambulance on call, so the
ambulance came.”
] ~

This almost looks like Armstrong (a Lobbyist) got these two together for some type of
meeting. Why else were they all traveling together in the same car? Armstrong blames
Whittington for getting in the way, but says “he came up from behind the vice president”.
The story does not add up!

According to Armstrong Cheney and Whittington have hunted on the property before,
but never at the same time. This was the first time the two have hunted together. What
brought these two together? Somewhere these two have must have some type of
connection, but where?

In 1999 Texas Governor George W. Bush appointed a man to the state’s Funeral
Services Commission. That man was Harry Whittington. Whittington’s job was to try to
clean things up for the Funeral Services Commission because of allegations of
widespread corruption. Whittington has a history of digging deep into his projects, so
how far did he dig? What might he have found?

When Whittington took over, the commission was already investigating Houston-based
Service Corp. International, the nation’s largest funeral services operator. SCI was led
by a man named Robert Waltrip. Waltrip just so happened to be a large political
contributor and close friend to G. W. Bush. Allegations surfaced that Bush was
pressuring for an end to the investigation. Bush had been subpoenaed by attorneys for
Eliza May, the former executive director of the Texas Funeral Service Commission.
Bush filed an affidavit swearing he “had no conversations with [SCI] officials, agents, or
representatives concerning the investigation or any dispute arising from it.”The affidavit
also stated that Bush never spoke with the Texas Funeral Service Commission about
the investigation, and that Bush had “no personal knowledge of relevant facts of the
investigation nor do I have any personal knowledge of relevant facts concerning any
dispute arising from this investigation.” ~ Salon

If Whittington did happen to dig deep enough and stumble upon evidence that Bush had
played a role in trying to stop the investigation, he would have placed the president into
a bad situation. To find that Bush was in fact involved would mean that he had lied
under oath, among other offences.

The other possibility of course, is Whittington helped Bush cover his tracks.

In the world of politics, would this be a motive for attempted murder? Possibly. Perhaps it
all goes even deeper than this.

Still, we can not rule out the possibility that this really was an accident, but what would
cause Dick Cheney to open fire on a friend approaching from behind? Accident or not,
Cheney taught Whittington one of two valuable lessons. Forget what you know, don’t dig
too deep. Or, Don’t go hunting with some trigger happy idiot!

L. Steele / February 9, 2006

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and
hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”
~ Winston Churchill

In light of some of the most recent discoveries I think it is time for the American people to
stop and use their heads for a moment. It is about time that we the American people
stop pretending everything will work itself out. We need to ask ourselves what direction
our nation is heading, and if this is the direction we want to go? Too many people go
about their daily lives thinking the constitution will protect us. Too many people ignore
what is really going on. Too many people forget the constitution requires the protection
of the very people it protects. Some are so ignorant to view the constitution as “just a
goddamn piece of paper”! So many American citizens live blind to what is going on. Too
many Americans accept corrupt political leaders. They hold the belief that all
government officials are corrupt and accept it as a way of life. While this may be true,
corruption only survives as long as we allow it. This is what the American people have

Is it time for a revolution? I would say yes. It is time for a peaceful revolution. There are
those who would preach violent revolution, but peaceful is the way to make it happen.
Despite the constant downward spiral of America, I still choose to believe that Americans
are over all good people and Americans would choose peace over violence. The
problem is the less we do, the more we allow to happen. In 1962 John F. Kennedy said
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
With America’s current situation you could say that George Bush and other high ranking
officials are making peaceful revolution impossible. Is this true? Could we also say that
we ourselves are making peaceful revolution impossible? It is our lack of action today
that gives people like Bush more power. Our lack of peaceful action now will result in
violent action tomorrow. So how do we avoid a violent revolution?

In order to avoid a violent revolution later, we need to come together now! I think it is
safe to say the majority of Americans want Bush and his entire cabinet out of office. It is
also safe to say that the entire Bush administration is guilty of crimes punishable by law.
Again, it is safe to say that Bush is an enemy of the constitution, which makes him an
enemy of the people. There is a silent war going on right here in the United States,
political war. Too many liars are pretending to fight against the illegal actions of the
Bush administration, but in fact are playing the people for fools. Then of course we have
those that like to flaunt poll numbers at people and pretend that it means anything. How
long have the polls shown a majority against Bush? How long have polls shown a
majority against the war in Iraq? Too long! People think the Bush administration is
fearful of those poll numbers. Wrong. Polls don’t impeach presidents, people do! Polls
don’t take action, people do! We can all give our opinions in the polls, but it means
nothing unless we take action. This is the problem.

How do we take peaceful action and fight back to save America? We fight fire with fire!
Americans need to come together, get back to the way it used to be. Be a friend to your
neighbor. Make a plan and stick to it. When the American people join as one voice,
nobody dares to challenge it. Take lessons from the past. Unions were created because
a majority stood together ready to fight. Blacks were set free and became equal
because a majority stood together ready to fight. America became a free nation
because a majority stood together ready to fight. Women became equal because a
majority stood together ready to fight. World War II was won because a majority stood
together ready to fight. You may be getting the ideal that the lessons are results happen
when people stand together ready to fight, but there is another lesson to be learned
also. Germany became one of the worst dictatorships in history because citizens backed
down in fear!

Fight Fire With Fire

The Bush administration has threatened civil liberties by naming an enemy. Bush claims
to protect freedom by taking freedom. He has named an enemy and told the American
people right out that he will have the only say as to what is done to fight this enemy.
Every decision and illegal action Bush has made is done in the name of fighting the
enemy. With everyone of those actions, he has told you the American people that he is
above the law and you have no say. His guidelines for naming that enemy is set in such
a way that any American could be declared the enemy. The solution is simple, the
American people need to stick together and declare whom they see as the enemy. So
far the White House has declared the enemy, but the people have yet to declare it’s
enemy. President Bush is forgetting one simple fact. The number one job of the military
is to protect the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic. When the people
declare their enemy as being the terrorist who launched an attack on it’s liberty, our
military then has to come home to fight that enemy. When we stand up and play Bush’s
game against him, we turn the tables. When we as a nation announce the real enemy of
the constitutional united states, that is fighting fire with fire.

Domestic Surveillance? Here is where it gets fun. Technology has been a real thorn in
our side. The technology that we so much love has been and is used against us. That
technology can also be used in our favor. We as the American people, the tax paying
citizens, have a right to know what our elected officials are doing. We have a right to
know every website that is viewed from the White House. We have a right to know every
website that our senators and congressman are visiting. We have a right to know every
number that our elected officials dial. It is time to give big brother a rude awakening! We
pay to keep big brother in operation, so why not get our monies worth? If our president
is calling the leader of a child sex ring, we want to know why!

Why not use the technology that we already have at our personal disposal? Do you own
a video camera? I generally have a digital video camera wherever I go. When I am
driving, I set it on the dash. If something interesting should happen, I am ready to go.
Four months ago I was given a ticket for speeding on a road that I am usually passed by
police cars speeding on their way to nowhere. I know now, when I am passed by a
speeding police car and it is not going anywhere important, the camera will be rolling.
You never know what type of opportunity will arise. Maybe you got stopped and the
officer is trying to pull some shady stuff with you. You’ll be at ease when you know that
the tape is rolling. You might just be lucky enough to pass by a hotel and catch a
senator walking in with a hooker, wouldn’t that be a great time to have that video camera

Do you have a mini voice recorder? These are great to have in your pocket all of the
time. You might be at work, the boss slips up and says something he or she shouldn’t
have. Next time you are being accused of something you didn’t do, you’ll feel safe
knowing that you have some negotiating power. Could be anywhere, you might
accidentally bump into a congressman who badmouthing the voters. Oh what fun it is to
play big brother.

Do you own a cell phone? Chances are you do. What options does that phone have on
it? Many are made with voice recorders. Camera / Video phones are becoming ever so
popular. These gadgets make it so fun to keep your eyes open. You never know when
that Kodak moment will be, but if you pay attention, you’ll find one or two. What do you
do when it happens? You could send it in a multimedia message to everyone you know,
and you can always send your findings to your favorite websites. There are a number of
websites and blogs that would love to post the dirt you might find. If it proves to be of
interest, I would definitely post it within seconds of reviewing it.

Welcome to the new revolution. If this was a plan already in place, if the people had
already kept these gadgets at their fingertips, could you imagine the things that could
have been discovered on 9-11? A plan like this, if nothing else, would make our elected
officials paranoid and fearful of what you might know.