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Survey Shows A Majority Favor Bush Impeachment

America Uncensored / February 25, 2006

Note: This is a late report, we thank you for your patience. There are multiple reasons for the delay
include technical issues with the server and available time. We felt accuracy was more important than
time. This site is by no means a mainstream site, therefore time is not always on our side.

On October 3, 2005 This site released a survey asking the viewers if they thought
President Bush should be impeached. The survey was open from October 3 to
November 2, 2005. We wanted to run our survey because at the time, the mainstream
outlet was not asking the question that many people was wanting to be asked. Most
mainstream polls were asking if you felt he broke the law, knowingly lied or if he was
doing a good job. Some of the mainstream has since released polls asking the question
of impeachment.

After opening our survey we received e-mail from some people suggesting we should
have been more specific with the impeachment question. One such response said we
should have asked if you would be for impeachment if the president was found to have
knowing lied about WMD’s. We felt there was no reason to be too specific as you are the
American people, the choice is yours. We also feel that the President and his
administration has done plenty enough to warrant an impeachment.

Our survey was set up so one computer could only vote once. We tried to make this as
fair and accurate as possible. We asked 7 questions, the only question with a required
response was the question of impeachment. Not all questions had the same number of

The results of the survey show a majority in favor of impeachment, not only the
president, but also his entire administration. A total of 6,417 people took part in this
survey. 73.2% voted in favor of impeachment for the President and his entire
administration. 25% answered to impeach just the president. 1.4% of  those polled voted
no for impeachment, and .4% said no, America is in the best shape ever. This comes
out to a total of 98.2% of 6,417 people polled voted in favor of a presidential
impeachment, and 1.8% of 6,417 people polled are against impeachment of the

We are guessing that the .4% possibly represent members of the Bush administration,
kidding of course but who knows. It is hard to believe that anyone could feel that
America is in it’s best shape ever.

Out of 6,417 people who participated in this survey, 5,969 people answered which
political party they fit in with. 54.6% answered independent. 15.7% answered democrat.
13.7% answered libertarian party, and 12.3% answered constitution party. Only 3.7% of
5,969 people said they were with the republican party. We realized after the release of
this survey, we left out other parties like the green party and we apologize for that.

5,871 people answered which source do they rely on for news coverage. 88.2% from the
Internet, 4.2% from television, 3% from newspaper, 2.2% from radio, and 2.4% of 5,871
people answered other.

Out of 5,833 people, 46.2% said they consider their self to be a Christian, and 53.8%
said they do not. Our reason for including  this question was to show that even Christians
feel Bush should be impeached. Bush depended on Christian support for his re-election
and this shows that he may be losing much of that support, as 96.8% of 5,784 people
said they felt Bush was lying about his faith because his actions are not that of a
Christian. 3.2% said he is not lying about his faith because the bible warrants his actions.

When asked if they support the war in Iraq, the majority answered no. Out of 5,968
people 49% said no, but they do support the troops. 48.6% answered just no. 1.4% said
yes, but we need a timetable to leave, and 1% said they do support the war in Iraq. This
comes out to a total of 97.6% of 5,968 people against the war, and only 2.4% are in
support of the war in Iraq.

This survey is being re-opened, all past results are saved so only those who have not
already voted may do so. We encourage you to take part. You can view and vote in the
survey at here. We would like to thank everyone that takes part in this survey, and a
special thanks to everyone who refers this survey to others.

We have opened a new survey asking your thoughts of military action with Iran. If you
would like to take part in the survey, you can click here

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