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Iran – They’re Muslim, They Must Be Terrorists!

  *Note: Title changed due to confusion of a point trying to be made.

     L. Steele / March 8, 2006

Did you read the news today? What did you read? I’m guessing you did not see any
news updates about Iraq’s WMD’s. You probably did not read anything about the
downing street memo. Did you read anything about depleted uranium in Iraq? I’ll bet you
did not hear much today about domestic spying. Was your news today filled with stories
about the CIA identity leak? Any news today about an Israeli caught with explosives?
Chances are your daily dose of mainstream media did not give any focus to any of these
stories. I am guessing however, that you heard plenty about Iran. Am I right?

Mainstream journalist have shown their true colors. You have tuned in and made the
networks rich, they in turn help flush your liberty down the drain. They have sold
themselves out to government control and pissed all over your constitution. There are
no real reporters today, they report from an Iraq border and tell you things are a little
quiet, everything is calm, but somehow people keep showing up dead. There once was
a time when a reporter would go right into the action and tell you the truth, It’s a
nightmare things are looking bad. Not today. We are fed a line of garbage that
government approves of. When a real story breaks of scandal, corruption or
government wrong doing, a new story breaks to take away the attention and the reporter
never looks back.

There is one subject they have hung onto though, and they make sure you get plenty of
one sided opinions thrown in your face about it. Iran, Iran, and more Iran. Your news
probably sounds a little like this:

[ Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Gonzales says Patriot Act is vital. Iran refuses nuclear
enrichment deal. Bush says ports deal is important to security. Iran is a threat to Israel. Oil prices
on the rise. Iran makes threat against referral to council. Interest rates rise. General Jon Doe says
war is a mistake. Cheney says Iran can not be trusted. General Jon Doe commits suicide. ]

Does that sound about like a weeks worth of mainstream news? Close enough.

Iran, Iran, Iran. What are we going to do about Iran? The Bush administration tells us
that Iran is a grave threat to our security. They tell us that Iran is a danger to Israel.
They tell us that Iran’s nuclear ambitions involves nuclear weapons. Iran, on the other
hand, tells us they only seek nuclear power and want the right to produce the power to
turn on the lights. So who do we believe?

Is Iran really seeking a nuclear weapon? It’s hard to say. I think we need to lay the facts
on the table. So what are the facts? I don’t know, and I’m not going to Iran to get them.
Who has the facts? Of course, the Bush administration has the facts on Iran. We should
just wait for them to tell us what they have. Let them give us the case for war, right?

We have a real problem with this Iran issue. The Bush administration will paint us a
picture of Iran being a radical Islamic nation who can’t be trusted so they are obviously
lying to us when they say they only seek nuclear power. As we look back at how the
whole Iraq mess started we have to ask ourselves, are we being lied to again? Could the
Bush administration be playing Americans for fools, again, in the favor of Israel? Will we
allow them to show us photos of nothing and claim it to be something it is not? Should
we allow more of America’s children to die in another war just because the government
says it is needed? Can these guys be trusted?

Personally I can not stand a liar. If you lie once, it is fair to give another chance. If you lie
twice, you have shown your inability to be trusted ever again, especially if you are in
government. The Bush administration has lied more than twice, they have lied
repeatedly! From the looks of it, it seems that all they know how to do is lie. They would
tell a lie even when the truth is better. Still they act as if Americans are fools, perhaps we
are, after all we have stood down and let them do as they please. After all of the things
they have done, how is it possible they are not impeached? Democrats cry over this
issue and that issue, claiming they are going to do something about it, yet nothing is
done. The dog keeps barking but nobody gets bit. Knowing how the Bush administration
works, you can count on one thing. If they truly want a war with Iran, they will get it. They
will send in the troops no matter what you think. They did it before and they will certainly
do it again, as long as you allow them to stay in office.

Certainly there is the possibility that Iran is a crazy radical Islamic nation. There is the
possibility that they really do seek nuclear weapons. Even so, the cards are in their
favor. The burden of proof lies on the accuser. This could turn into a boy who cried wolf
story. Little boy Bush may have cried wolf so many times that the truth is unbelievable.
Now we are confused and don’t know which way to go. Have we gone so far that we
might as well keep going? Should we go ahead and attack Iran just to be on the safe
side? After all they’re Muslim, so they must be terrorists. Right?

What if Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon, should we concern ourselves with it? Why
should we worry about it? Who are we to tell another nation what to do, we can’t even
keep our domestic problems under control. Israel is worried, why? What has Israel done
that they have to fear Iran having a nuclear weapon? Call out the instigator! If I am a
gun owner what right would I have to tell the authorities to keep my neighbor from having
guns too?

War is not in America’s interest, period! War benefits nobody. We have allowed our
government to put us in a very dangerous position. If we end up in war with Iran, you can
bet your ass it is not going to be a walk in the park. Iraq has shown to be a tough battle,
Iran will be ten times worse. We just might find that Iran has a few friends on their side.
This would spark a world war and America has created many silent enemies. We have
pushed the world around so much that other nations will jump at the opportunity to take
advantage in a weak moment. Under normal circumstances, if we were minding our own
business, we would have nothing to worry about. Nobody would be foolish enough to
nuke America knowing that we could wipe them off the planet forever. If were a friendly
nation, we would face far less conflict. When you go pushing people around, sooner or
later they ban together and push back.

We have too much on our plate, we don’t need to concern ourselves with more war. If
Israel is worried about Iran, let Israel deal with Iran. Let America deal with it’s own issues.
We have an administration that has lied and deceived us, we need to handle that right
now. Our first concern should be fixing our problems. This administration has put us in
war for no reason, they have trampled on our liberties, and they have taken us to the
poor house. The only way to fix it is to replace our government with a new one. A
government which honors the boundaries of the constitution. Kick this administration
out, put it on trial for it’s crimes and re-evaluate every piece of legislation from the day
they took office! We can not spread democracy if we do not have democracy.

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