22 Surveys Prove Americans Never Want To Go Back To The Way America Used To Be

For a long time a great battle has been fought to determine the future direction of this country, and at this point one thing has become exceedingly clear.  America is never going to be the country that it once was.  Of course for millions of Americans this is actually very welcome news, but for those of us that have been working so hard for so long to restore the values that this nation was founded upon, it is incredibly sad to finally come to this realization.  In order for America to return to her glory days, our nation would need to embrace the values that once made our nation so great, and the truth is that the American people have resoundingly rejected those values.  This is especially true for our young people, and it won’t be too long before they are running everything.  The other side has control of our education system, of our major media outlets, of our entertainment industry and of our legal system.  They are literally systematically training future generations what to think, and that has proven to be an insurmountable advantage.  The “culture war” has been over for a long time, and they won.  But that doesn’t mean that the broader conflict is over.

A lot of people reading this article will be tempted to think that this is a Republican/Democrat thing, but that is not true at all.  In fact, the truth is that many lawmakers that are considered to be “conservatives” today would be considered to be flaming liberals by our founders.  Ultimately, nearly all of our political leaders have fundamentally rejected the values that so many previous generations of Americans fought so hard to defend.  The United States has been overthrown, but it wasn’t by a foreign power.  We have been conquered from within, and it was a very slow process, but now their victory is almost entirely complete.

If you doubt this, I would like for you to take a few moments to consider the following numbers.  The following are 22 surveys which prove that Americans never want to go back to the way America used to be…

#1 According to an American Bar Association survey, only 38 percent of all Americans know that the U.S. Constitution is the highest law in the land.

#2 According to a new survey that was conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 76 percent of Americans support “red flag” gun laws.

#3 A recent Rasmussen survey discovered that 28 percent of all Democrats actually believe that it should be “illegal” to be a member of the NRA.

#4 A survey that was just conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 56 percent of Americans trust law enforcement authorities to use facial recognition technology “responsibly” even though it horribly violates our privacy rights.

#5 70 percent of Americans support “Medicare for all” – a national socialized single-payer healthcare system.

#6 46 percent of Americans have taken at least one pharmaceutical drug within the last 30 days.

#7 59 percent of Americans support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to raise the top tax rate to 70 percent.

#8 When asked to name the greatest president in their lifetimes, more Americans named “Barack Obama” than anyone else by a wide margin.

#9 58 percent of American adults under the age of 35 agree that some version of socialism “would be good for the country”.

#10 One survey discovered that one-third of all American teenagers haven’t read a single book in the past year.

#11 Almost one-third of all U.S. Millennials are still living with their parents.

#12 One very alarming survey found that the average American spends 86 hours a month on a cellphone.

#13 49 percent of Americans say that not having wifi would ruin their vacation.

#14 34 percent of pet-owning adults in the United States say that their pet is their “favorite child”.

#15 According to a Quinnipiac University poll from last year, 63 percent of all Americans want to keep Roe v. Wade in place.

#16 According to the Pew Research Center, 61 percent of Americans now support gay marriage and only 31 percentof Americans are against it.

#17 45 percent of U.S. college students believe that the phrase “In God We Trust” should be removed from our currency.

#18 Over the last three decades, the number of Americans with “no religion” has increased by 266 percent.

#19 During the 2016 election, more than 40 percent of Americans did not know who was running for vice-president from either of the major parties.

#20 Only 26 percent of Americans can name all three branches of government.

#21 One very shocking survey found that 74 percent of Americans don’t even know how many amendments are in the Bill of Rights.

#22 According to a survey that was conducted last year, Americans from the age of 18 to the age of 29 favor Democrats over Republicans by a 66 percent to 32 percent margin.

Once again, this is not a Republican/Democrat thing.  Ultimately, both major political parties seem determined to take us down the tubes.  One may want to do it at a faster pace than the other, but the destination is still the same.

I know that some will dismiss me as an out of touch pessimist, but I did not come to these conclusions lightly.  In fact, not too long ago I spent an entire year talking to voters and trying to do what I could to point the country in the right direction, but I discovered that only a very small remnant actually wants to go in the right direction.

If George Washington, John Adams and the rest of the boys were around today, they would all be considered “dangerous extremists” and none of them would have a prayer of actually getting elected to public office.

I am certainly not giving up, and you shouldn’t either.  In fact, my wife and I believe that the most exciting chapters of our lives are right around the corner.

But for the nation as a whole, our choices are going to have very severe consequences.  The past few years represented yet another opportunity to amend our ways, but instead the American people have been running in the opposite direction as rapidly as they can.

Our country will be greatly rattled in the years ahead, and that process will wake many from their slumber.  Let us use that time to win one heart at a time, and let us be thankful that we were born into such a critical time in history.

Originally published by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream.