This is not a sick joke, although, it sure appears as it could be.  The White House ruling class sociopaths are actually now saying that the best hurricane preparedness tip they have is to take the experimental gene therapy shot.

Not only are the rulers unsurprisingly suggesting people need to get doped up with whatever’s in those shots, but they are now saying it’s the “most important” part of a hurricane preparedness plan.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency told Axios‘ Jonathan Swan last year the agency had included the coronavirus crisis in its planning document, titled “COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season.”

Now, with the allegedly more contagious Delta variant surging, particularly in the hurricane-prone Southern states, FEMA officials want to step up protections against the virus, with COVID-safe shelters, a White House official told AxiosThe masters want everyone vaccinated, and this time, they are saying it’s because of possible evacuations.  If you have to leave your home and end up in a FEMA camp, (which we would suggest anything but going to any state-run camp, let alone one run by FEMA) you’re first concern will apparently, be getting a cold.

Delta Variant Fear Mongering Continues: Delta Accounts For 98% Of All COVID Cases

“The President was briefed on the data that demonstrates that the most important preparatory step people can take to prepare for peak hurricane season is to get vaccinated to ensure they will be protected from COVID-19 if they have to evacuate their homes,” per a White House readout. “They also discussed how FEMA is innovating during the pandemic by working with partner organizations to enable COVID-safe sheltering, providing vaccination options at shelters and recovery centers, and protecting its workforce so they maintain mission readiness.” -Axios

So basically, it’s all about getting this “vaccine” into as many human bodies as possible. For real hurricane preparedness, check the links below:

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Stay prepared. Really prepared, not “ruling class” prepared. Remain alert and keep using critical thinking. They are pulling out all the stops to get this shot in people. Stay aware, but refuse to live in fear.

Originally published by Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.