Biometric Vision For Police: Checking Temperatures In Crowds

Biometric helmet



Big brother has made some advancements giving biometric vision to the police state. New police helmets of the future arrive on scene just in time for coronavirus precautions. Deployed already in China, these biometric helmets help police spot anyone breaking temperature guidelines. COVID-19 has become the perfect excuse to push these out worldwide.



A vision of the past has become reality.

These 5G smart helmets are equipped with:

  • HD and infrared cameras
  • 8 hour battery
  • visor display
  • Augmented reality feed
  • wi-fi and bluetooth antennas

In less than two minuets the helmet can scan faces and temperatures of 100 people up to 16 feet away. 

Jim Nash for reports:

One of them, Shenzhen manufacturer Kuang-Chi Technology, makes a polished black N901 motorbike helmet customized with a side-mounted infra-red camera capable of reading the temperatures of people as distant as 15 feet. The helmet debuted last November with an eight-hour battery. An augmented-reality feed that is displayed on the helmet’s wrap-around smoked visor shows the officer blotchy, color-coded video of their surroundings as well as multiple simultaneous digital temperature readouts.

The lens of a second, visible-light camera, which can record high-definition video, has been drilled into the wearer’s agency crest front and center on the helmet. That camera facilitates facial recognition (and other personal data, according to one report) over a 5G connection, also in the helmet. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas as well.

Fevers registered by the system are linked to the image of the sufferer through facial recognition systems, and sent to a national database.

With the introduction of high tech vaccines, these helmets should soon be able to scan a persons complete biometric identity.