Blog Shut Down For Listing Corporations Funding Racism

Communism Kills

Independent blogger, Ashley Rae Goldenberg aka “Communism Kills”, has been shut down by Medium after publishing a list of corporations funding terrorism in the U.S.

The Medium platform has banned writer Ashley Goldenberg for publishing a list of companies that may want you dead. Though her page is now gone, the list was republished here before they took it down. 

The full list is added below.

Goldenberg was informed through an email from Medim, that she had violated the site’s rules against “hate speech, disinformation, and targeted harassment.”

“Medium’s decision to take down my post — and my account — is obviously a politically-motivated one,” Goldenberg said in response.

“I wrote about large, powerful companies that support the Black Lives Matter movement to demonstrate that America is not the white supremacist country that the protesters are claiming it is. That’s not hate speech, disinformation, or harassment.” she added.

“Meanwhile, on the same day Medium took down my account, the headline ‘CEOs Need to Treat Racism Like the Pandemic it is: How to reimagine companies in the era of Black Lives Matter‘ was featured on my [Medium] homepage,” Goldenberg added.

“That doesn’t seem coincidental.” she noted. ~ Infowars

Here is the full list she originally published.