Doomsday Clock Falling Behind

Five Minuets To Midnight and Counting.

L. Steele / October 21, 2007

The keepers of the symbolic Doomsday Clock – a world-famous symbol designed by the US-based Bulletin
of Atomic Scientists
to chart how many minuets we are to midnight,  what some believe to be Armageddon –
just might be falling behind with their timekeeping skills.

The clock, which has appeared on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists magazine’s front cover since 1947, is
currently set at five minutes to midnight – with midnight marking global catastrophe.

The clock was moved ahead to five minutes to midnight in January 2007 due to “growing concerns about a
‘Second Nuclear Age’ marked by grave threats, including: nuclear ambitions in Iran and North Korea,
unsecured nuclear materials in Russia and elsewhere, the continuing ‘launch-ready’ status of 2,000 of the
25,000 nuclear weapons held by the US and Russia; escalating terrorism; and new pressure from climate
change for expanded civilian nuclear power that could increase proliferation risks,” ~ Bulletin of Atomic

Now, there is speculation by some that the clock needs to be pushed forward another minute or two because
of original  concerns of nuclear war inching closer to becoming reality. Many believe that recent escalation
between the United States and Iran over nuclear technology is getting out of and hand adding Russia to the
mix is pushing the world far too close to all out nuclear war. Sadly, the one nation most would assume be the
first to prevent such a risk seems to be doing more to welcome the danger to humanity.

The clock was created by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists magazine’s staff in 1947, it was initially set at
seven minutes to midnight and has moved 18 times since then. The last time it was so close to midnight was
in 1988, when many thought the Cold War was beginning to show its first signs of coming to an end and the
clock showed 11.54pm. However, the Cold War never actually came to a true end. In fact, the Cold War
seems to be escalating all over again. Thanks in part to the Bush / Cheney administration.

On October 17, 2007, just ten months after the clock had moved to five minutes, President Bush insinuated
the coming of World War III if world leaders did not prevent Iran from pursuing nuclear technology. This alone
should be alarming enough to move the clock forward to at least four minutes to midnight. As of today the
clock holds at five minutes.

On October 16, Just one day before Bush’s warning of a third World War, Republican White House
candidates pounded the Iran subject. Rudolph Giuliani warned of a military strike against Iran for its nuclear
ambitions, which have yet to show any sign of interest of a nuclear weapon. Iran says it is intended purely for
peaceful energy production.

Vladimir Putin issued a veiled warning Tuesday (October 16) against any attack on Iran as he began the first
visit by a Kremlin leader to Tehran in six decades — a mission reflecting Russian-Iranian efforts to curb U.S.
influence. Reported in that exact text on yahoo news, but the text has since changed to show Putin with a
less harsh stance. Reason for this is unclear.

Tension is building with the Iran subject. Russia has made it clear whose side they will chose if World War III
does in fact break out. There is growing speculation that China will also chose to defend Iran.

The Bush / Cheney administration has made it clear they are itching for war with Iran. They have made it
clear that they will pursue Israel’s interest on this matter. Bush and Cheney have already shown the extent
the will go in order to pursue war in which others will die for their cause. It becomes easy to understand why
other nations are starting to view the United States as a threat instead of a friend. They seem to be all too
anxious to go to war, and they seem to like the idea of nuclear war. If their past is any indication of what is to
come, they will pursue more war no matter the cost.

With 2008 elections getting closer, a nuclear World War III will only benefit the Bush administration. This has
become a situation that any dictator could dream about. If nobody steps up to the plate to put a stop to the
war hungry politics, World War III is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have yet to move the Doomsday Clock any closer to midnight since January,
reasons unknown. Even though we are at the brink of World War III, and a third World War brings us the
closest ever to all out nuclear war. This being the situation, the clock should be due to move to four, three or
even two minutes to midnight. It does not take a scientist to figure that out.