Edward Snowden Betrayed The Criminal Deep State – Not The American People



Former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden is releasing his memoirs titled “ Permanent Record .”  However, there are still many who do not understand that his actions exposed the crimes committed by those in our government who were actively committing crimes against us in violation of the US Constitution.  They claim he is a traitor in the same fashion that they claimJulian Assange is a criminal against the united States.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Instead of betraying the American people, Snowden, like Assange, betrayed the criminal elements inside our government that we refer to as the Deep State.


In a recent appearance on RT, investigative journalist Ben Swann pointed this out…

and who better to distinguish these things than Ben Swann.

Take a look.


Swann was also asked how things might impact Julian Assange depending on what happens with Snowden.

“The tie between the two,” said Swann, “is that Espionage Act.”

“The fact that Julian Assange is facing charges under the Espionage Act and Edward Snowden faces charges under the Espionage Act, and that’s a very troubling thing because the Espionage Act is designed to prevent, essentially, spies in the united States from taking classified, secret and sensitive information and sharing it with a hostile, foreign power,” Swann elaborated.  “That is the concept of it.”

“What the Espionage Act is not designed to do is to say, ‘You cannot reveal to the citizens of this country what their government is illegally doing to them,’” he added.

Swann went on to expound the fact that members of our government, along with contractors were the ones violating constitutional law and the rights of the people.  Mind you, they claimed it was in the name of security, but nevertheless, it was a violation of the “supreme law of the land,” the Constitution.

These agents were breaking the law when it came to the Constitution, civil rights, fighting unconstitutional wars, as well as killing people in those wars and lying about whom they were killing.

“The Espionage Act is not designed to protect illegal activities,” Swann said, “It is designed to protect sensitive information.”

“What whistleblowers, in the case of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, reveal that there are crimes taking place; and who do they reveal them to?  Not a hostile, foreign power,” Swann says.  Rather they have revealed them to “the people who are the authorities, individuals in this country… taxpayers and voters.  They’re the ones to whom it is being revealed.”

“So, I think there is something very troubling about this idea that, and media goes along with it, that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have committed espionage against this country when they’ve actually revealed crimes that this government has committed against its own people,” he concluded.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Alas, while many have been reminded to never forget 9/11, many have forgotten what 9/11 has produced:  chains and tyrannies on the citizens of the united States.  Snowden and Assange were merely the messengers pointing out who the tyrants who forged your chains are, America.

   Originally published by Tim Brown at The Sons of Liberty media.