Overwhelmed Hospitals Struck With New Horrifying Outbreak



Horrific videos have emerged of overwhelmed hospitals facing a new disturbing outbreak.




Daily reports unfold of disastrous conditions for medical staff and equipment, some already at the breaking point. Now shocking videos are being released that are sure to make you question what the hell is going on with this war on an invisible enemy.


 Media outlets are reporting countless horror stories of overcrowded hospitals filled with deathly sick patients. We are told our healthcare workers are extremely overworked and exhausted. Meanwhile countless videos are being shared of health care workers showing off their dance moves.






These videos are enough to make you sick. However, the most horrifying details are lost in confusion. 

Overwhelmed With Confusion 

At first glance it’s easy to see why people are getting upset. These videos paint a much different picture than the media and government officials are telling us. A number of people are coming to the conclusion that this crisis is a scam and is not a real threat. This is where the confusion becomes dangerous for the innocent.

Many details need to considered before drawing a conclusion. First, not all hospitals are going to be facing the harshest conditions. New York City hospitals may be drawn down by overwhelming conditions, but the same may not be true for a children’s cancer research hospital. Just as some areas may not have been hit as hard and therefore would not have beds full of dying patients. The point is, just because we see these shocking videos does not mean there is nothing to worry about.

Believing the virus is not real is a dangerous conclusion. One side might be overplaying the threat, while the other side downplays the threat. Both sides for their own gains while you are stuck in the middle facing the real threat. 


Overwhelmed With Horror

Rob Schneider has a way of putting it into perspective. All of the world is held hostage while Bill Gates achieves his dreams of world vaccinations and mass murder. Though precautions can be taken, downplaying the threat of this or any future virus is a grave mistake. Gates has been threatening the world with this exact scenario for several years. After partnering with China and taking “Event 201” live, he has finally made good on those threats. 

Calls for insanity ring from both sides. While the left pushes for an Orwellian nightmare, the right begs to be exposed to this weapon of mass reduction. Begging for their meaningless sports back. Demanding their right for mass gatherings. Pleading to go back to work to save the economy and serve the rich. In other words, begging to be exposed to and spread a virus that they believe to be fake. Ideas fueled mostly by greed at the top.

Make no mistake about it, the threat is very real. Bill Gates and friends have been less than shy about their plans. The year is 2020 and it’s almost halfway gone. The UN has been clear in the fact that they plan to lose billions of people by 2030. Nine and a half years to go! Less than a decade to cut the worlds population by the billions! Nevertheless we need to get back to work.

Overwhelmed With Population

The world’s top elite have slithered their way to the top polluting earth and minds with their products. After deciding there are far more slaves than they have use for, they devise a plan to eradicate the unnecessary.

This plan is in writing as well as bolstered and praised out loud. This plan is in motion. Why would we then conclude the threat to be fake? 

These videos may raise some disturbing questions, but they do not prove the UN to be lying about it’s agenda.