The Digital Hate Watchdog’s Website “Blacklist”

Digital Hate

The Center for Countering Digital Hate has launched it’s attack on free speech while claiming authority to designate “Fake News” classifications. Through it’s online project, Stop Funding Fake News, the CCDH has released a “blacklist” of websites to ban from adsense.

Together with NBC, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, has successfully defunded ZeroHedge from Google’s Adsense. Now, CCDH says that isn’t enough, releasing a list of websites it wants banned for racism. 

Fake News and racist narratives can cause real-world harms: dehumanising black people and whipping up fear. Stop Funding Fake News is fighting back: we’re calling on advertisers to blacklist these 10, U.S-based, racist Fake News sites.

  1. American Greatness has:

    • Compared Black Lives Matter protests to antisemitic protests against Jews.

    • Claimed that corporations “falsely claim there is ‘systemic racism’ against African Americans”.

  2. Moonbattery has:

    • Said that protestors are “tools of the man”, rioting “in the name of a dead criminal”.

    • Warned that Black Lives Matter university protests will lead to “rule by thugs”, adding: “Zimbabwe, here we come”.

  3. American Thinker has:

  4. Big League Politics has:

    • Claimed Twitter’s action against “white nationalist” groups on its platform is based on “fake news”.

    • Defended Nigel Farage’s offensive comments that resulted in him being kicked off LBC on the grounds that he “told the truth about “Black Lives Matter and their terrorist agenda”.

  5. Zero Hedge has:

    • Claimed that Black Lives Matter is “practically a revolutionary operative of the CIA via Soros”.

    • Suggested Black Lives Matter is a George Soros “Astroturf” campaign for “leftists and their agenda to reshape the fabric of American society”.

  6. WND has:

    • Promoted the claim that BLM is an “anti-police hate group”.

    • Promoted anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish philanthropist George Soros funding the protests.

  7. The Washington Standard has:

    • Falsely claimed Black Lives Matter is a money-laundering vehicle for the Democratic National Committee.

    • Said that the George Floyd protests have “offered new insight into the unholy alliance between Leftists and Islamic supremacists”.

  8. Gateway Pundit has:

    • Suggested that Trump should “disband the FBI” in response to the agency producing a memo that warned of the dangers of white supremacist violence.

    • Defended “purged” Nigel Farage after his comparison of Black Lives Matter to the Taliban.

  9. Breitbart has:

    • Recommended readers “buy guns and plenty of ammo” to protect themselves against “Antifa and Black Lives Matter”

    • Promoted the conspiracy theory that President Obama was born in Kenya.

  10. The Federalist has:

    • Claimed CNN/New York Times reports were “lying” about white supremacist violence.

    • Used “black crime” as a tag for its articles.

The Federalist was able to reverse Google’s original ban by agreeing to delete their comments section. 

Regrettably, America Uncensored did not make the list that these sites should be proud to be on. If telling the truth is considered fake news and pointing out the hate behind BLM is racism, what better list is there to be on?

Imran Ahmed, CEO for CCDH, is not taking this lightly. Spreading false information in defense of black supremacism, Imran pushes his conspiracy theories.

I welcome the unprecedented action Google has taken to completely remove advertising from these two sites. However, there are eight other sites that we identified that make millions of dollars from Google Ads. We take Google at face value when they say #BlackLivesMatters and that they want to Do No Evil, but right now they are funding hate-filled and conspiracy-filled sites that may have a right to free speech, but they absolutely do not have a right to profit from it.


To be clear, all sites have a right to profit from anything they post with educational or entertainment value. If there is no value or interest, there will be no profit. The goal is to force these sites to shut down, by taking away their income. Attacking ones source of income requires a good deal of hate. 

The fact of the matter is, more and more people are searching for the truth. People are interested in what these sites have to say, because they are reporting the truth. At least a closer version than the mainstream puppets are. Hardly anyone is interested in the babbling of a crybaby pushing hate. The numbers speak for themselves. If these sites are generating millions in profit, then they obviously must have millions of followers interested in their content. However, Mr. Ahmed has a whole 2,337 followers and his highly important message has been retweeted a whopping 14 times. Why? Because frankly, nobody gives a damned what he has to say.

It is true, Fake News and racist narratives can cause real-world harms. Not only can they, but they already are. Problem is, fake news and racist narratives are being pushed by BLM through mainstream outlets. When alternative sources point out the truth, trolls like Ahmed start negotiating their demise. 

Who is Imran Ahmed, and how many millions of dollars is he making from pushing racist narratives? As stated on his own companies website:

The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a not-for-profit non governmental organisation (NGO) that is funded by philanthropic trusts and members of the public. If you or your organisation wish to help fund our cause, please  contact us.

In other words, people like George Soros propped up a troll named Imran to make it look as if people are demanding their communist ideas. So if you are honestly looking to help counter digital hate, your help goes a lot farther when  donating  to sites like this.

Imran Ahmed is NOT an American and his organization, CCDH, is based in London. We took up arms and fought a bloodbath to be free from the rule of the crown. We do not answer to them. Ahmed needs to keep his nose out of American affairs, they do not not concern him. America has no room for hateful ideology being pushed by the likes of Imran or sugar-daddy Soros.

None of this matters to Google, of course. In fact, Ahmed serves no real purpose at all. Google doesn’t need the CCDH telling them who to censor, they have been doing it for years. This site is a prime example of that, this was going on long before Soros’ bitch showed up.

Censorship is bad, and has no place in America. Everyone has a right to be heard, and everyone has a right to choose what they want to hear. In today’s reality, truth seems to be the only thing being censored.

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