We Are All Living The Dream

Take a look around. Stop, clear your mind, and just look around. What is it that you see? A psychopath’s vision becoming our reality? Take a good look around and ask yourself. Are we not living the dream?

There is a message that needs to be heard. A message all Americans need to hear, no matter where you stand, you need to hear it. Though uncomfortable for some, it is time to face the music. We can open our eyes and see that we are all in this nightmare together, or we can keep them closed and say we’re living the dream.

The official music video for Five Finger Death Punch’s “Living The Dream” has released. A powerful video that hits hard on the message everyone needs to hear. Not only did Five Finger Death Punch do a great job with the song itself, the video takes a hard look at our reality. Honestly, it’s a bold move that should be awarded. 

It is brave of Five Finger Death Punch to take this stance calling out the truth. Censorship is a hard reality these days, and the elite have clearly shown they will silence dissent from people with fame. So, hats off to these guys. Check out their video below, share it and show them support for the statement they are making.

America Uncensored gives much respect for this video, we give it five fingers up. Truly a powerful message that follows perfect with the lyrics. An accurate description of what has been going on throughout 2020.

Starting with the zombie masses making a run on the toilet paper, a defining moment for America’s start of 2020. Conforming with masks to praise her Majesty as she controls the hounds of violence. Antifa / BLM? Forcing the masses to submit. Meanwhile she remains exempt from the oppression. 

Yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The good intentions of conforming to the psychopath’s demands are paving our way straight to hell. It is time to face the music, pick up that flag and charge the front lines. It is time to fight back against their fiction and take control of our reality. Take control of our own lives.

Or just continue “living the dream”.