Joe Biden won’t stop barking orders until everyone has complied or the ruling class has been decimated by those sick and tired of being slaves. Which is it going to be?

Biden is going to announce further “actions” on vaccine mandates in front of the United Nations general assembly.  Get ready to welcome in the New World Order. The noose is tightening around the necks of all of us. But only a handful actually know what needs to be done.  This cannot and will not be settled using the system. The courts have long ago been bought and paid for, and the Constitution was set on fire and used as toilet paper by the rulers over 100 years ago when we were told the fruits of our labor had to be stolen from us to keep the rulers in charge. The only solution is to wake up and realize you are a human being and not a slave and you do not need to be ruled.

United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told CNN on Sunday that therewill be more actions, especially on the global front” taken on top of Biden’s “aggressive” vaccine mandate to help slow the spread of Covid-19. The health official suggested these new “aggressive actions” could be announced by the president before the United Nations general assembly in New York beginning on September 21-RT

Old man Biden isn’t going to be the one putting guns to heads and forcing this either. He’s got willing soldiers and police officers to do that for him. We need to wake up and do so quickly.

“This is not an unusual phenomenon,” Murthy told ABC about vaccine mandates. “What it is, is I think an appropriate response for us to recognize that if we want our economy to be back, if we want our schools to stay in session, we’ve got to take steps to make sure workplaces and learning environments are safe and these requirements will help do that.”

This is ramping up. We are literally seeing the New World Order being rolled out in front of our faces. The inability to recognize that we’ve never been free and that somehow using the system which was not set up for us, but for those who intend to rule in the NWO is going to be the hardest obstacle to overcome. It is past time to realize it.

Remain alert and aware of what’s going on.  Use critical thinking, and most of all, stop thinking, talking, and acting like a slave. If we can do that and we have a chance. If we can’t, if we continue to pretend we need a ruling class to steal from us and lie to us and inject us with whatever they want whenever they want, we will continue to be treated like slaves.

This is ramping up. It’s hard to say how this world will look at the end of the year if we can’t open our eyes to reality.

Originally published by Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.