When 911 Truth Is Hidden Behind Denial

L. Steele / December 13, 2005

 I am writing this in response to an article posted on AlterNet, When 9/11 Conspiracy
Theories Go Bad. I would like to thank What Really Happened .com for posting this
article and pointing out that there are still people whom are either blind or just plain
stupid. I really don’t mean any offence with that statement, I am just saying it is a sad
tragedy. I do not know or really care how many people read articles at AlterNet like this
one by David Corn. It is fair to say he more than likely has far more readers than I do.
The sad part is, many people are mislead by people like this. He is good at making his
point convincing, but he fails to disprove anything. Though I can honestly say I have not
sent any of those emails to him, maybe nobody did. Still I am not one to listen to, I am
just a nut case because I happen to believe that there really are conspiracies. I figure I
should let you know now so you don’t waste your time reading my thoughts.

David Corn wants to believe that most of the 911 theories sent to him are false and
twisted. He may be partially right, judging by the way he describes these theories. This
man is either an agent of disinformation or (giving the benefit of doubt) he is simply in
denial. He believes the government lies and does many bad things, but not against it’s
own people. A little research and history will prove that all governments will allow harm to
their own people. Yes, America too. This isn’t the first time and as long as we allow it, it
won’t be the last. I am a little understanding with his view because he is obviously still
grieving 911. Some people take longer then others to go through the grieving process.
In the case of September 11, 2001, I think I finished the whole process in about a week.

Not only is he grieving the tragedy of 911 but also grieving the loss of America. So,
judging by his article he is in denial. Denial is the first step of the grieving process, so he
may be a little slow. There are 5 stages in the grieving process. It’s true, ask anyone
involved in psychiatry. Even the workforce is cramming this down the throats of
Americans everywhere, “team concept training” if you haven’t had it yet you soon will.
The five stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. This
is not a lesson in grieving so I will leave it at that, but do a little research on the grieving
process and you will understand. David Corn is in denial or at least was when he wrote
the article. Could I be wrong? There is always that possibility.

Maybe I am the one in denial, no maybe the bargaining stage. So to all of those who
think I am wrong, here is my cry for help. HELP! Give me absolute proof that 911 is the
way “the man” says it is. Prove to us “nut jobs” that there were no bombs inside the
trade towers. Prove that Osama is still alive. Show us proof that fire caused a “pancake
effect” on Sept. 11, 2001. Give us proof that flight 93 was not shot down but taken down
by it’s passengers. Give us proof that Saddam was a grave threat to the United States.
Show us what happened to those WMD’s. We need to see proof that members of the
government did not have prior knowledge. Mr. Corn, please prove that Ossama bin
Laden started a network more superior than our own inelegance. Show me why you feel
that our high tech forces could not pull this off, but these uneducated cavemen were
able. We are crying out for your help! If you could prove to us that we are wrong, we
could then move on to the next stage in the grieving process. We would finally enter into
the depression stage and before long we would be in the acceptance stage. We are still
waiting! As quick as you are to jump to the defense of a lying government you should be
able to at least give some half ass proof. Still we wait.

“I won’t argue that the U.S. Government does not engage in brutal, murderous
skulduggery from time to time. But the notion that the U.S. Government either detected
the attacks but allowed them to occur, or, worse, conspired to kill thousands of
Americans to launch a war-for-oil in Afghanistan is absurd. Still, each week emails
passing on such tripe arrive. This crap is probably not worth a rational rebuttal, but I’m
irritated enough to try.”
~ AlterNet

At least he will agree that the U.S. Government takes part in evil deeds, he makes light
of that situation but does admit it. This is a good place to start because even if he was
right and 911 is not part of a big conspiracy, there is still the issue of war. My question
is, if we know that the government takes part in these evil deeds then how can we justify
punishing the “worst tyranny the world has seen” as Bush says. We know for a fact that
members of the government lied to invade Iraq, and still defend those lies. If they lied to
us about that, why should we believe they are not lying about everything else? They
have established that they are liars, they can’t be trusted and have no credibility. Would
the U.S. Government conspire to kill thousands of Americans in order to launch a war?
Why not? They obviously needed this war. They killed thousands of troops with their lie!
If they are willing to send your children to die for their lies, then why is it so hard to
believe that they would kill thousands of Americans in order to fulfill their agenda?

There are millions of Americans, what’s a few thousand? It’s a small sacrifice to pay in
order to achieve a goal. It’s better to sacrifice a few thousand than to sacrifice the whole
bunch, right? There is also some evidence pointing to Israeli involvement. Mr. Corn has
already established that governments have no problem sacrificing the lives of
foreigners, so it is safe to say that Israel would have no problem conspiring to kill
thousands of Americans.

This article keeps pushing the thought that the theory is that 911 was pulled off just to
start a “war for oil”. I’m sure it goes further than that. It’s not ExxonMobil to benefit, it’s
not the American oil companies at all. If this has anything to do with oil, it is Israel that
wants that oil. But every way you look at it, it is a win win situation for all parties involved.
Thanks to 911 Israel gets rid of some of the Arab governments and hopefully will get
their pipeline for oil, and the U.S. Government gets more control of their citizens. Not to
mention all of the people getting rich from this tragedy and even from this war. One thing
is certain, 911 is directly tied to this war.

“So let’s start with a broad question: would U.S. officials be capable of such a foul deed?
Capable — as in able to pull it off and willing to do so. Simply put, the spies and special
agents are not good enough, evil enough, or gutsy enough to mount this operation.
That conclusion is based partly on, dare I say it, common sense, but also on years
spent covering national security matters. (For a book I wrote on the CIA, I interviewed
over 100 CIA officials and employees.)”

This is the worst reasoning that I have ever heard! The U.S. Government is not capable
of pulling off such a deed? My ass! The U.S. Government is the most capable of pulling
off such a deed. Because it happened here in the U.S. our government is about the only
ones who could pull it off so easily. For years we have been told that our intelligence
does things without our knowledge for our own good. They keep tabs on everything,
everywhere. Now you want us to believe that our high tech intelligence is so inferior to
the rest of the world. Our intelligence is so inferior compared to Ossama? This is exactly
what they want you to think. Who else could give stand down orders? Who else could
make sure that four planes go missing but it’s no big deal? Who else could have pulled it
off? Our government was the most capable, and willing. Who else stood to gain from this
attack? We should believe this mans opinion because he interviewed over 100 CIA
people? Well now I am sure that’s pretty reliable. The CIA are trained liars, part of their
job is to know how to lie without being detected. If the CIA says they would not be able to
do such an evil task, they are the first people you should not believe. Yes, you did dare
say common sense. Common sense is the best way to spot a lie. Common sense is what
tells us who stood to gain from 911. Common sense tells us that nobody was more able
to pull it off than our very own government.

“Not good enough: Such a plot — to execute the simultaneous destruction of the two
towers, a piece of the Pentagon, and four airplanes and make it appear as if it all was
done by another party — is far beyond the skill level of U.S. Intelligence. It would require
dozens (or scores or hundreds) of individuals to attempt such a scheme. They would
have to work together, and trust one another not to blow their part or reveal the
conspiracy. They would hail from an assortment of agencies (CIA, FBI, INS, Customs,
State, FAA, NTSB, DOD, etc.)”
~ AlterNet

Ossama on the other hand had all of this?

“Not evil enough. This is as foul as it gets — to kill thousands of Americans, including
Pentagon employees, to help out oil companies. (The sacrificial lambs could have
included White House staff or members of Congress, had the fourth plane not crashed
in Pennsylvania.) This is a Hollywood-level of dastardliness, James Bond (or Dr. Evil)
~ AlterNet

So Ossama is the comparable to James Bond or Dr. Evil? How many high level
Pentagon employees died? Let’s not forget that the area of the Pentagon that was hit
just so happened to be under construction. While I am thinking about it, how many
Israelis died in the trade towers? As I said before, this wasn’t done just to help out oil

“Would George W. Bush take the chance of being branded the most evil president of all
time by countenancing such wrongdoing? Oil may be in his blood, but would he place
the oil industry’s interests ahead of his own? (He sure said sayonara to Kenneth Lay
and Enron pretty darn fast.) And Bush and everyone else in government know that plans
leak. Disinformation specialists at the Pentagon could not keep their office off the front
page of The New York Times. In the aftermath of September 11, there has been much
handwringing over the supposed fact that U.S. intelligence has been too risk-averse.
But, thankfully, some inhibitions — P.R. concerns, career concerns — do provide brakes
on the spy-crowd.”
~ AlterNet

Yea, Okay. George W. Bush sure didn’t mind taking a chance at lying to the people in
order to go to war in Iraq. Where is his P.R. concern for that? Not to mention that there
have been leaks, but what does that matter? Nothing is going on the front pages of the
New York Times that they don’t want. They wouldn’t even publish Bush’s military record,
why would they publish anything worse? They refuse to question the lies told by the
president, why would they publish 911 truth?

I deal with people like this all of the time, they are in denial. They are all caught up in the
“red pill, blue pill” garbage. Many are afraid if they admit the government could have
been involved, they will be swallowing the “blue pill”. It’s just plain nonsense. We need to
stop this red and blue, black and white bullshit. We need to get into our heads that it’s
not white against black, but rather rich against poor. As long as we keep this red side
blue side mentality we will never get nowhere. If you are stuck on the “red pill or blue
pill”, you are stuck with somebody else’s views and personality. Just because I believe
911 is part of a conspiracy does not mean I am a radical liberal. When it comes to
government, I take the white pill. If you are a liar, you don’t get my vote. If you have
corruption in you political history, you don’t get my vote. If you are a frickin moron, you
will not get my vote! We have been brainwashed for years that you are either on one
side or the other. Most of the people that resist these theories are Bush supporters.
They are afraid to admit he has ever done anything wrong. Many of them are Christian,
which is fine, but they are afraid to admit that they have been played for a fool. They
don’t want to face the fact that Bush is their wolf in sheep’s clothing, they voted for him
based on his religious belief and no Christian would allow something so horrible to take
place. They have feeling like even though Bush is a moron, they had to vote for him
otherwise nobody would fight against abortion. Wake up! Nobody is fighting against it.
These people are absolutely afraid to seek the truth. They will not even glance at your
evidence that the government may have been involved in 911. They are afraid to look,
because deep down inside they know it is very possible and they wouldn’t know what to
do with the truth. They scream so loud that we are crazy, yet they can not provide an
ounce of proof. They are the walking dead.

I have a relative who debates with me all of the time. We argue back and forth almost
daily, it’s fun. He does a good job at defending Bush on certain issues. However, when it
comes to 911 or the war he has nothing. Nothing at all. When I send a list of issues, he
will fire back at each and every one except for those that address the war or 911. His
simple reply is that I am radical and caught up in too much “liberal” propaganda. He
makes excuses that he is busy and does not have time to look at this or that. He
sometimes says that he does not want to allow negative things to interrupt his positive
mind. The fact is he will not look because he is afraid that it could be true. He is in
denial. With tragedies like 911 there are two stages missing from the grieving process. I
stated before that there are five stages. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and
acceptance. There are two stages that should be added to it when it comes to
something like 911 or this war. Anger and Action. We can’t allow acceptance to be the
last stage. Once we hit the acceptance stage we really should go into a second anger
stage. Angry that we are allowing this to happen. Then into an action stage, taking
action against the evil that has brought all of this tragedy to us.