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1 Billion Worldwide To Watch America Stop Free Speech!

L. Steele / January 24, 2006

Detroit – On Sunday February 5, 2006 Television sets all over the world will tune in to
watch one of the biggest events of modern entertainment. This event may prove that the
Super Bowl and everyone behind it is lending a hand to block the first amendment of the
Constitution. Is this just another step to protect the security of America, or is it simply to
protect the name of our great ruler?

This years Super Bowl is bound to be a great show for football fans everywhere. For
The Seahawks, this will be their first ever Super Bowl game. That alone will make this a
big event, but throw in the Steelers and it becomes that much bigger. Sports Bars will be
filled, many people will be having Super Bowl parties all across the country. Once every
year there is a Super Bowl, it is almost a holiday and to some it is.

Last year more than 133 million American television sets were tuned in to view the Super
Bowl, figure the number of people watching each television and that adds to quite a few
Americans. Throw in 225 countries and territories and that equals a potential 1 billion
viewers worldwide. Now that is one heck of an audience for one event! With numbers
like that, it is no wonder the Super Bowl is the highest rated event on television. The
money comes rolling in.

Super Bowl XL will be held at Ford Field in Detroit on Feb. 5 and will be broadcast on
ABC at 6 pm Eastern.

Sprint will sponsor this years Halftime show which will be performed by none other than
the Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones will be taking a short break from their “A Bigger
Bang” world tour to perform for the Sprint Super Bowl XL Halftime Show. For many, the
halftime show might be more entertaining than the game itself, but don’t count on it. If
you are betting on this years game, you may also want to bet that the Rolling Stones will
have their performance toned down. Just don’t make your bet over the phone, chances
are big brother will be listening in on your gambling activity.

John Legend and Joss Stone will join Stevie Wonder to perform the Pre Game Show.
Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville will sing the national anthem, accompanied by New
Orleans pianist Dr. John, but the big show will be the Halftime Show Produced by Don
Mischer Productions.

It is believed by some that the Rolling Stones has a lot of weight to push when it comes
to the ratings. My personal opinion agrees. The Rolling Stones Halftime Show could be
bigger than the whole first half of the game. Will the Stones have any surprises up their
sleeves? Lets hope we don’t see Jaggar’s nipple.

Steve Bornstein, the NFL’s executive vice president of media and president and CEO of
NFL Network said, “We are excited to welcome one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands in
history to the Super Bowl, As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Super Bowl this
season, it is fitting we work with The Rolling Stones whose music has thrilled audiences
around the world for years.”

The excitement is great, but for those of us who believe in saving the 1st Amendment
their is a whole other side to the story. The Rolling Stones is prohibited from performing
their new song “Sweet Neo Con”. We can’t have anyone using the halftime show to take
a swing at our mighty dictator. To prevent a woman from foolishly exposing herself on
television is one thing, blocking freedom of speech is another.

Steve Gaffney, Sprint’s director of sports marketing says, “Sprint’s sponsorship of the
Super Bowl XL Halftime show highlights our commitment to fans of the NFL and the
Rolling Stones, We’re looking forward to providing fans the opportunity to participate in
the halftime show like never before.”

Steve Bornstein and Steve Gaffney don’t care about what Rolling Stones fans want or
think, they care about the money and the ratings. It is fitting that the Rolling Stones
should be able to perform any song they want. They aren’t providing an opportunity,
they are taking away an opportunity protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Will the Rolling Stones be good little boys and stick with the agreement, or will they use
the spirit of rock n roll to stick it to the man? It is likely they will do the show as agreed.
They’ll put on the best show possible, but they will not be playing “Sweet Neo Con”. If
they were to break their agreement and try to play the song, the network would move
quickly to a commercial break. They would also be sued for breaking the contract. So
there is no reason to believe the Stones would try to pull a stunt like that. Still, there is
no doubt do so would be a bigger bang.

The greedy corporate yes-men would also get a bigger bang for their buck, but you
won’t find them betraying their mighty chief anytime soon. They can curse on television
programs, they can show cartoons with sexual reference, but they better not allow a
song to be performed which offends the liars in office. Sweet Neo Con is possibly the
most censored song at present time. Nobody dares play it over the air.

Free Speech is prohibited at this years Super Bowl. One Billion people worldwide will be
watching America stop free speech and most of them won’t even know it. We can’t just
blame the President and his administration anymore, the blame also lies on those who
allow this to happen. You can thank the NFL, ABC, and Sprint for helping to trash the
constitution. Why worry? As Bush would say, “It’s just a goddamn piece of paper!”


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