The Real State Of The Union 2006

L. Steele / January 31, 2006

On Tuesday January 31, 2006 the President delivered hi State of the Union Address. In
reality the title should have been “State of Bush’s Fantasy Address”. Most television
channels made sure to show the address live, but they failed to show other happenings.
Two examples are 1) The many protests going on in cities around the country at the
same time, 2) Cindy Sheehan arrested and taken away for wearing an anti war t-shirt,  
just before our dictator came out to address the people. In reality Bush was only
addressing the 30 percent who approve of the job he is doing. You can’t count the
number of television sets tuned in with nobody watching. (i.e. Factories witch allow
employee break areas to watch television but it has to be tuned to the channel
approved.) Then you have the foreigners in attendance, how are they part of the union?

Nothing that I heard gave the real state of this union. So I would like to break it down and
give the real state of our union. I will be referencing Bush’s lie to the union address.
What is the state of our union?

Bush: To confront the great issues before us, we must act in a spirit of goodwill and respect for one
another — and I will do my part.  Tonight the state of our Union is strong — and together we will make it

It is not strong, it is getting weaker everyday. Laws are passed against the union and
when questioned about it, the president pretty much tells us to call someone who cares.
If our Union were strong, this mad man would be impeached and put on trial immediately.

Bush: “Abroad, our nation is committed to an historic, long-term goal — we seek the end of tyranny in
our world.  Some dismiss that goal as misguided idealism.  In reality, the future security of America
depends on it.  On September the 11th, 2001, we found that problems originating in a failed and
oppressive state 7,000 miles away could bring murder and destruction to our country.  Dictatorships
shelter terrorists, and feed resentment and radicalism, and seek weapons of mass destruction.  
Democracies replace resentment with hope, respect the rights of their citizens and their neighbors,
and join the fight against terror.  Every step toward freedom in the world makes our country safer — so
we will act boldly in freedom’s cause.”

As always he makes sure to throw in 911. You will notice he mentions freedom quite
often. He does not mention the fact that telling lies to declare war will feed resentment
and radicalism.

Bush: “Their aim is to seize power in Iraq, and use it as a safe haven to launch attacks against
America and the world.  Lacking the military strength to challenge us directly, the terrorists have
chosen the weapon of fear.  When they murder children at a school in Beslan, or blow up commuters in
London, or behead a bound captive, the terrorists hope these horrors will break our will, allowing the
violent to inherit the Earth.  But they have miscalculated:  We love our freedom, and we will fight to
keep it.”

The only people I see using the weapon of fear is American and British government.
When they shoot innocent Brazilians in a London subway, or shoot mentally ill on an
airport runway, or arrest peace activist, the governments are hoping to break our will.
We do love freedom, and the only people we need to fight is the people taking that
freedom. Those who allow the passing of laws that hinder that freedom!

Bush: “In a time of testing, we cannot find security by abandoning our commitments and retreating
within our borders.  If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone.  
They would simply move the battlefield to our own shores.”

Why would any enemy want to fight us within our own borders? It is inside our borders
that all of the surveillance is done.

Bush: “The road of victory is the road that will take our troops home.  As we make progress on the
ground, and Iraqi forces increasingly take the lead, we should be able to further decrease our troop
levels — but those decisions will be made by our military commanders, not by politicians in
Washington, D.C.”

I thought Bush already declared victory? What Bush is saying here is he will make those
decisions. By using the term military commanders he means the chief.

Bush: “We also show compassion abroad because regions overwhelmed by poverty, corruption, and
despair are sources of terrorism, and organized crime, and human trafficking, and the drug trade.”

Sounds like he is describing America!

Bush: “They also deserve the same tools they already use to fight drug trafficking and organized
crime — so I ask you to reauthorize the Patriot Act.”

I ask you, who has the Patriot Act been used against? The Patriot Act is a tool only a
dictator would need.

Bush: “It is said that prior to the attacks of September the 11th, our government failed to connect the
dots of the conspiracy.” …….. “The terrorist surveillance program has helped prevent terrorist attacks.  It
remains essential to the security of America.  If there are people inside our country who are talking with
al Qaeda, we want to know about it, because we will not sit back and wait to be hit again.”

Our government still has not connected the dots of the conspiracy! ……. So now we
know the term al Qaeda is referring to activist groups.

Bush: “Our economy is healthy and vigorous, and growing faster than other major industrialized
nations.  In the last two-and-a-half years, America has created 4.6 million new jobs — more than Japan
and the European Union combined.  (Applause.)  Even in the face of higher energy prices and natural
disasters, the American people have turned in an economic performance that is the envy of the world.”

This is a plain lie. Our economy is not healthy. Those 4.6 million new jobs are where?
Wal-Mart and McDonalds! Meanwhile China gets our good paying manufacturing jobs.
The number of jobs don’t mean anything if the job does not pay enough to afford gas to
get there. Thats 4.6 million people still living below the poverty level, only now they can
say they are employeed. We need 4.6 million good jobs like the thousands of jobs that
are getting cut from Ford and General Motors.

Bush: “One out of every five factory jobs in America is related to global trade, and we want people
everywhere to buy American.  With open markets and a level playing field, no one can out-produce or
out-compete the American worker.”

Global trade? We created global trade by sending our jobs to other nations and
sending the product back for us to buy. China sends us their restaurants and we send
them our factories, that doesn’t sound like fair trade to me.

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