Antifa Brags About Giving Fentanyl Laced Halloween Candy



Domestic terrorism sponsored by Antifa strikes again. This time targeting children with fentanyl laced halloween candy.

An Antifa supporter bragged on twitter about giving candy laced with fentanyl to trick or treaters dressed as Trump supporters.

When I read Mac Slavo’s article on Omnicide, I thought to myself, what type of idiot would want to destroy humanity? Then today I read this by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars:

Yes, really.

“If I see any children dressed up in some #MAGA type of costume like this little worm, I’m going to be giving them my special #Fentanyl laced candy. #ANTIFA action!” tweeted @Djenkounchained, alongside a poster of a young boy dressed as the president with death crosses over his eyes.

“Adding #fentanyl pills to my halloween candy for the #MAGA children to eat,” the individual subsequently tweeted, with an image of pills about to be dropped into a bag of chocolate bars.

The original tweet received over 1200 likes.

Attempting to poison children to own the Trump supporters. Stunning and brave.

So much for the tolerant left!

There you have it, it is idiots like the cowards of Antifa that support omnicide

The twitter account for terrorist Jenkins (@DjenkoUnchained) has since been suspended. Luckily Watson was able to get this out before the media brushes it under the rug. So if you’re just hearing about this, please share this article to help let others know just how dispicable these losers really are.

Antifa Is A Protected Terrorist Organization

 Dean Garrison at DC Dirty Laundry added:

The problem is that the leftist politicians refuse to shut Antifa down or even condemn them.

They don’t even want to acknowledge the problem.

Do we really want these people leading our country in 2020?

Antifa is a group of terrorist thugs.

While I appreciate Watson’s and Garrison’s views, we need to be clear on something, the tollerant left are not the only blame. Antifa is a product of and embraced by the left. However, nobody from the right is doing anything about this terrorist organization. Just as no voters from the right are questioning why.

Sadly Trump seems to be eerily silent when Antifa backed terrorism hits home. Why hasnt anyone done anything about Antifa? We can’t blame just the left when the right doesn’t even have enough balls to address the situation. They are criminals, they are terrorists and nobody from either side are calling it.

Antifa is a protected terrorist organization. Protected by people in high places. Support for these thugs comes from such donors as Soros, Kellogg, and Ford to name a few. Big support from the omnicidal elite. So far, Trump has been very careful not arrest his so called enemies.

So I guess if you are with the right, you can choose to be as simple as the left and be offended by that statement, or you can choose to face the facts. This is a serious problem for this country and its not going to be fixed by tweeting about “fake news”.

If this coward bragging about poisoning children had been in anyway connected to “Anybrothers mc” motorcycle club, the feds would not only arrest the person but also invade the clubhouse and every members home. From there they would build a case against the club.