Elon Musk: Illuminati Released Virus To Control Society


Elon Musk has got his gaming fans sounding alarms. The billionaire behind SpaceX and Tesla swapped a profile pic with an image from the video game Deus Ex. Before tweeting “Free America Now”.

Elon Musk tweet

For many people this comes off as nothing more than actions of a rich nerd. To the contrary, many of his followers caught on to something much different. They see it as Elon communicating from the inside. The good billionaires at the top have to have some form of communicating with the poor whom they love so much.
So what message is Elon Musk trying to send to the world?
Deus Ex is a video game based on an evil plot to take over the world. The games hero, JC Denton, challenged to save the world from the dark hands of the Illuminati. In an attempt to control society, the elite start a pandemic by releasing a virus to the public.
Wait. What?
Is Elon trying to say that a very rich billionaire released a virus so that the Illuminati could take us to hell? A closer look at another users tweet could help answer that.

Elon Musk confirms

Elon Musk Himself liked the tweet which called out this action. For many of his followers, this was all the confirmation they needed. As far as they’re concerned, the battle between Denton and villain Bob Page has gone live.
Translating secret gamer language, confirms it. Musk is alerting the world that that the pale horseman strikes. Now that we know, what are we going to do about it? Believing one billionaire will save us from the rest is ludicrous.

Bill Gates has unleashed a deadly virus and intends to force the world to acceptan even deadlier cure. His bio-metric vaccinewill hand control of humanity over to the dark rulers. The worlds top elite are deciding who lives and who dies.

Elon Musk is far from the savior he thinks he is. His investments in trans-humanism and falsifying mars missions only strengthens their goals. Still it is nice of him to let us know whats happening.



As of now, nobody has made any real attempts at putting a stop to this attack on humanity. Thus, only one question remains. Who is worthy enough to serve these evil bastards?