Patriot Protests Give Victory To Deep State

virus protests

You can go back to work now patriots, and you can go spend your money. But that’s it, nothing else. This is what your protests have gained. Are you happy now? Put on your mask and get back to work sheeple.

Nothing is going back to normal from here. Protesting to “re-open the economy” when you should be doing the exact opposite. They are leading us to one outcome, a forced biometric vaccine. Are you going to accept it? Is this what you are begging for? Are you demanding your right to be a free person, or are you demanding their evil cure?

Shut down the damned economy right now, you damned fools! Not because of Corona, but for your damned liberty. 

You are a slave and this pandemic should be proof enough. If you think they give a rats ass about your safety, you are playing yourself for a fool.

When stay at home orders first started, everyone resisted for one reason or another. Nobody wanted to shut down. Businesses were NOT concerned about the health and safety of their employees or consumers. They were concerned about their profit.

Big or small, none were showing concern that there may be a deadly virus with the potential to take the lives of their employees. Business owners took to all platforms to express their anger of being told to shut down. 

Bar owners for example, understandably upset that they have to close their doors to the public. Their concern? They need to make money. Sure it’s a real concern that can be addressed, but where is the concern for your fellow man?

The almighty dollar was the concern. No worry for the lowly paid bartender being exposed to a bunch of filthy drunks possibly spreading something that could kill them. 

Now, I realize small time bar owners are in a tight spot, but what about bigger businesses that can no doubt afford it?

General Motors for example, did all they could to resist shutting down. It didn’t matter that nobody was going to be buying any cars, as long as the slaves keep pumping out product they see dollar signs. Everyone trying to claim how essential their business is so they can keep chasing that almighty dollar.

That is the problem we fail to see.

The Invisible Enemy

Whats that you say? COVID-19 isn’t real and this is all just a hoax? Well you don’t know that for fact, and neither do I.

However, I do know that Bill Gates has been threatening us for several years with this very scenario. I do know that the United Nations has made clear their agenda to lose billions of lives by 2030. I do know that a Chinese lab has been conducting several experiments to create a deadly super coronavirus.

The writing has been on the wall and the goal is on record, so why would I pretend this is fake? While many restrictions have gone too far, those who believe there is nothing to worry about could be setting themselves up for a second more deadly wave.

Here we are now with states announcing their re-opening plans. Thanks to your protest, states are now willing to let you go back to work. Victory at last.

Hijacking The Protests 

Most of the states are announcing their plans to open the economy back up. Essentially what they are saying is, “Yes we will let you back to work with restrictions and yes we will allow you to open retail with restrictions”. But that’s it for now, we have a long way to go and our daily lives cannot be fully restored until everyone is tested and vaccinated.

This is what your protests have gained.

They were never worried about any protest to begin with. The truth is the protests fall into their plan. With the help of the media, government has manipulated your grievance from being about your rights to being about the golden economy.

The first clue that these protests work for their agenda is the fact that they recieved large media coverage. Mainstream media does not cover protests harmful to “deep state” agenda.

How many major protests for 9-11 truth did they cover? When we were going to war based on lies major protests broke out worldwide with barely any mainstream coverage. How much media coverage do you find of Bilderberg or a World Summit protest? None! Because it doesn’t fit the agenda of the elite.

When a group of real patriots peacefully took over an Oregon Wildlife Refuge with real constitutional grievances, the media treated it as a joke. They chose instead to give you coverage of people rioting and setting places on fire because a cop shot a criminal. Meanwhile patriot LaVoy Finicum, acting within the law, gets ambushed and gunned down by the FBI.

Where were all you so called patriots when the United States Government openly attacked one of your own?

Q The Red Sheep

You were holding off as requested by the grand questioner who tells you to wait and “trust the plan” while offering knowledge that already exists. While you wait trusting the plan your liberties are being erased.

What plan are you being told to trust anyway? The only plan that has been revealed is the plan to reign us in under globalist control. Q is not for security clearance you morons! Q can only stand for question, that’s all he offers you is questions while helping to manipulate the answer. Questions that you should have already been asking.

Still you obediently wait because Donald Trump has this secret plan where he is single handedly going to take down the deep state and return America to it’s glory. Wow, what a screenplay! How long until you see that you are wasting your time.

Nobody is going to jail and their pizza parlors are still in business. Q is there to herd the resistant red sheep.

Numbers of people are led to believe that this pandemic is a hoax to interfere with the election. Both sides raising valid concerns while distracting themselves from the bigger picture. While an unfair election would be an added benefit to some, it is far from the objective.

This is far bigger than the hoax of American politics where both sides are serving the same master in a different manner.

We don’t have shit to chose from anyway so might as well sit this one out, we’ve got bigger fish to fry. All of these politicians are lying through their teeth and do nothing more than keep us fighting against each other. None of them are putting the interest of the American people first and it’s time we put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.

That is, if it isn’t already too late.

Protests Are A Hoax

The hoax is the media interviewing a protester claiming they need to get back to work and provide for their family, meanwhile collecting unemployment plus an extra $600 puts them slightly better off staying home. Media leading people to believe a few weeks at home with their families being less than a blessing is the hoax. The hoax is believing a damned computer nerd is a health expert just because he has more money than everybody else.

This economy that we are slaves for is the real hoax.

Whether or not Covid-19 is a hoax isn’t the issue. This pandemic has put a few things into perspective. 1) Your life is less important than an economy based on fake money. 2) Controlling you is more important than protecting you. The virus is real, the solution is the hoax.

 Bill Gates has taken center stage as the official spokesperson for the terrorist elite, and made clear their agenda. Our liberties are being held hostage until we all accept a biometric vaccine. The problem is that accepting the vaccine is giving up your liberties. We have every reason to believe that this vaccine will be a weapon used against a free society.

Tactics used by the ruling class over the years should be considered nothing less than acts of war. We absolutely cannot sit idly by while they make good on promises to take us straight to hell. However, we must first know how to strike back.

Patriots are sounding alarms and swearing they will not allow Gates to inject them with an ID2020 vaccine but are quickly accepting the terms laid out. If we are going to reject a vaccine forced on the whole population, the time to resist is now. We must fight this battle now, in the summer, under our terms as opposed to their winter terms.

One very short window of opportunity has presented itself and we must act now. 

Time To Shut Down the Economy

This economy enslaves us to the ruling elite, and keeps us tied to the crown of which our ancestors gave their lives to escape. This economy is important to and enriches them.

In 2016 Trump himself said the economy was a bubble about to burst. They just propped it up and held it off as long as they could. Also unreported are the many businesses already going under before this pandemic hit.

With convenient timing, COVID became the perfect excuse. This economy is a farce, but it is our answer to a nonviolent revolution. Shutdown this damned economy and hit them where they feel it.

Resistance time is now. There will be hardships without a doubt. We can face them now under our terms or face the same hardships later under their terms.

They have released a virus and then attacked our freedom. The protests have opened negotiations and they have responded with their terms. If we re-open the economy, we are accepting these terms.

Our response needs to be along the lines of: 

“fuck your economy! You have told us we aren’t safe, therefore we will take our safety into our own hands and stay home. We do not accept your terms, but you will accept ours no matter if you like it or not. We will consider re-opening the economy when it is safe to do so without your poisonous solutions. We will consider re-opening the economy after our constitution is fully restored and the criminal elite are brought to justice. We will return the economy after it is backed by real currency.”

 Albert Einstein said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing”. Haven’t we destroyed enough of this world? Now is the time to do something, either act now or forever accept defeat. 

They keep us divided over petty issues so that we don’t see it’s really us against them. Red sheep and blue sheep fighting each other, ignoring the black sheep warning them that the wolves are taking them to slaughter despite their protests.

In other words, quite literally, Bill Gates and his rich friends want to kill everyone who is of no convenience to themselves.

The financing for their agenda came from this economy.