Infowars Protecting Globalist Agenda?

Infowar Millie


Many people have called into question the legitimacy of Infowars over the years. Alex Jones himself has been accused of being a deep state plant playing the character of a conspiracy theorist. Now one of their latest articles may be further proof that Infowars is helping push a globalist agenda.

In her article “Trump Never Pushed A Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine“, Millie Weaver points out that Trump never said a vaccine would be mandatory. She goes on to make sure we understand that Trump is on our side and even-though he is behind Project Warp Speed, he is not for a forced vaccine. Weaver then goes on to say that even if it was mandatory, we would be better off forced to take an American vaccine made under the public-private partnership. Millie ends with the real purpose of the article. Warning us that voting for Trump is the only way to keep it voluntary.

It’s important to realize there are millions of Americans that are demanding a vaccine. Nothing is going to change their opinion on that. So, is it better to allow all of this funding for research to go to the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, or should Trump work with top American scientists to develop a vaccine that is more likely to be “safer”?

If I had to choose between an American-made vaccine or a Bill Gates-Chinese vaccine, I’m going with the American-based vaccine. But, I’m not going to be forced to make that choice because vaccination isn’t going to be mandatory under the Trump administration. But, if we allow this issue to split Trump’s base, I can assure you it will be mandatory under a Biden administration. ~  Infowars 

If you ever wonder why, much like “snowflakes”, you can’t get through to “patriots”, It’s because of bullshit like this. Here we have Infowars helping to herd the red sheep into accepting a biometric vaccine. There needs to be no further question on where Infowars’ priorities are.

Millie Weaver says millions of Americans are demanding a vaccine and nothing is going to change their opinion. So we might as well not even try, right?

It is possible that millions are demanding a vaccine, but where are they? I have seen many people foolishly protesting to go back to work. I have heard large numbers of people calling for action against Bill Gates. I have seen a whole lot of people pissed off about unconstitutional orders. But I can’t honestly say that millions are demanding a vaccine. 

Suddenly the medical industry, that Infowars has spent years warning us about, is our friend? Make no mistake, all vaccines will be made under the same guidelines. But Millennial Millie won’t be forced to make that decision because Trump’s not going to make it mandatory. 

As for me? I’m not going to be forced to make that decision, period. This is the message that should be spread. Infowars instead chooses a message of acceptance. The least of two evil’s is still evil, and you do not have to accept it. 

In fairness, Weaver is probably correct in saying under Trump the vaccine will be voluntary. It’s true the president did not say he was calling for a mandatory vaccine. Though, Project Warp Speed and mobilizing the military should raise some concerns. Nevertheless, it sounds like Alex Jones should school the Millennial on how things work in the real world under the New World Order.

A voluntary vaccine means:

  • If you want to continue working, you can voluntarily get the vaccine.
  • If you want to continue your healthcare, you can voluntarily get the vaccine.
  • If you want to continue shopping or going to events, you can voluntarily get the vaccine.

You get the picture. This is what a voluntary vaccine looks like. Infowars knows damned good and well that this is the truth. So why is Mille Weaver pushing more politics instead of educating the millions searching for truth? Trump’s base is being split on more issues than a vaccine. People are starting to realize they aren’t getting what they voted for. Weaver should be holding his feet to the the fire, instead she coaxes us to believe his hands are tied.

Infowars has swallowed the red pill which has the same side effects as the blue pill. This isn’t political, this is a war against humanity. They are no longer helping you fight this war. They are saying that you might as well bend over and take it from Trump because he’ll at least use some Vaseline!

Infowars fails pointing out that Trump’s hands are tied by people he appointed. Don’t forget to stock up!