Paycheck Protection Program Opens Slave Trade

Paycheck Protection Program



By now, you have likely heard of the  Paycheck Protection Program  (PPP), part of Trump’s big win under the CARES Act. The PPP loans businesses up to $10 million to fund payroll and other overhead during the pandemic. As long as these businesses keep their employees for 8 weeks they can have the loan forgiven.


The program is, for the most part, considered a success. More than $500 Billion of low-interest, forgivable loans approved so far. 90% of that dough rolled out and gobbled up in the first 3 weeks. The PPP received $659 billion of the reported $2.2 trillion stimulus.


The Paycheck Protection Program appears to be the best use of the 2.2 trillion. If USPS can get 20 billion for a failing service, then $659 billion is nothing if it means saving American jobs.


But there were two major problems right from the start. The first, very much under reported is that the stimulus was actually $6.2 trillion and not $2.2 trillion. Never you mind where the other $4 trillion went, that is for the Federal Reserve to use at their discretion. The second, completely unreported, is 150 million slaves were sold under the CARES act.

These are some pretty large claims, so let the fact checkers do what they do. You can rest assured that they are indeed facts.
The Stimulus has already received criticism, with good reason. The claim circulating is that 330 million Americans are on the hook for a wasteful 2.2 trillion stimulus. This costs each person in America over $6,000. But this claim is wrong, and leads much misconception. It is important to understand theses numbers. Under the light of truth they are much more disturbing. It is actually 150 million (give or take a few) on the hook for $6.2 trillion. Or around $40,000 per taxpaying American.

Do the math, it all adds up. These numbers are not exact but they are pretty close. The 6.2 trillion is exact and fact. 150 million is a close estimate of taxpayers, and 40,000 is a close estimate of cost. But to be clear, it is the taxed that are forking out this “free” money.

 That’s right, on March 27, 2020, Uncle Sam bent you over and shoved it in dry. At the same time reaching down and stealing $40,000 out of your pocket. You are being raped and robbed by the United States Government, that is, if you are a taxpayer. What are you going to do about it? Not to worry, it was all for the noble cause of saving the economy. An economy designed to enrich them and enslave you. 

Since the government CARES so much, they have figured out a way to make it right for the people’s concern. This is how to save an economy, or so they say:
Without asking, they took 40 thousand dollars from each taxpayer and divided it out. 66% of that stolen money goes strait to the top right off the bat, for whatever they want. The top being the Federal Reserve, a firm of private bankers. The rest gets divided out to “save the economy”. Out of all the billions wasted on things of no importance to us, $659 billion gets reserved for the PPP.
Here is where it gets super naughty. As if this all isn’t already enough to warrant the hangings of everyone behind the stimulus. The Paycheck Protection Program takes it to a whole new disturbing level. Now, many Americans are returning to work being paid with the employer’s share of their own money.
Their own damned money! Yes, Americans are now paying themselves to work for somebody else! Hello!? Is anybody home? Why the hell aren’t people up in arms over this? Thanks to the failed education system, that just got $30 billion, nobody understands what the f@*k is going on. This, my friends, is the ultimate form of slavery.

paycheck protection program

With the stroke of a pen, 150 million Americans traded into slavery for a whole lot of worthless paper. Meanwhile, “patriots” march on state capitals protesting to get back to work. How f@*king absurd can it get?!

Now that president Donald Trump has signed the CARES Act, a new problem arises. How the hell can we put all the blame on the Demorats? Turns out, the art of the deal is a con, the con is the art of the deal.

The great awakening hasn’t actually happened. You are no longer sheep, you are now slaves. Put on your masks and get back to work while you await the vaccine.