Judge Demands Guilty Verdict From Jury – Silence

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Despite all your rage, you are still just a rat in a cage.

Your rage directed at everything inside the cage.

Reports are not coming in about riots in the streets, or citizens taking up arms. City blocks are not ablaze, overall things seem pretty calm. Does that feel right to you? Isn’t it strange that despite all the attacks on our liberty, nothing seems to be disrupted? A cop doing his job shoots a thug and all hell breaks loose, while a patriot gets ambushed and murdered by the FBI and everyone runs back inside. Oh well, damned fool shouldn’t have cared about freedom so much.

Judge William Orrick, of the literal shit-hole San Francisco, has demanded that jurors return with a guilty verdict in the trial of “Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts” journalist David Daleiden. Honestly, at this point that is all you need to know. I want to report the whole story but it takes away from this explosive issue at hand. However if you want the full story you can read it as reported by The Daily Wire:

The judge in the “Baby Body Parts” trial of activist and journalist David Daleiden has ordered the jury find him guilty of trespassing at Planned Parenthood conferences and clinics — before the jury retired to consider a verdict.

The judge stated that the jury must find that Daleiden and others “trespassed at the 2014 Forum in Miami, Florida; at the 2015 MeDC meeting in Orlando, Florida; and the 2015 National Conference in Washington, D.C.”

Like I said, this is already being reported and now by several sources. The issue at hand is this Obama nominated Judge for the US District Court for the Northern District of California. He is obviously corrupt and in bed with Planned Parenthood.

A Moment of Silence for Liberty.

Judge William Orrick is breaking the law and attacking liberty. A judge cannot tell a jury how to deliberate! Not only is this tampering with the jury, it is an outright attack against the Constitution. Daleiden shouldn’t have to contest these charges, because the case should be dropped immediately. Orrick should be promptly removed and put on trial before the people. The people of his district should be outraged by this. But the only thing coming out of San Francisco is the smell of shit and sound of crickets eating the dead flesh of junkies.

Silence. Perhaps that is the bigger issue at hand. Society has been brainwashed into waiting for the media to tell us how to feel and what to be upset about. State sponsored media manipulates society to believe if your local crack dealer is shot by police then you need to grab a torch, head into the city, smash cop cars and burn down the local Auto-zone. But if your freedom is being trampled on, you better bend over and ask for more.

This isn’t a problem being ignored only in California, it’s happening in every state, city, and county in the United States. Judges think they are above the law and have been allowed to sit back and hand out judgments to citizens less guilty than themselves. Judges, politicians, law enforcement, and corporations are all above the law and it’s being allowed by the people. It is the right and the duty of “we the people” to hold these crooks accountable, yet nothing is done.

Your Silence is Much Unappreciated

You are not going to hear the media hammering on the fact that this judge took illegal actions to disgrace the legal system. You are not going to see people protesting in the streets about this. There will be no tweets from Trump calling out this disgrace and saying California deserves better. No politician speaking out about this in the interest of the American people. Nothing but silence.

The only thing you are going to continue to hear about is the Impeachment scam being played out by both sides.

This case will go on, and as it goes on this incident will get brushed aside. Planned Parenthood will continue its sick and disgusting slaughtering of babies for profit. Even if Daleiden was to win an appeal, nothing is won because the dishonorable Judge Orrick was left unchecked. From there a precedent is set and it will happen again, and then again somewhere else, and then somewhere else. Before you know it, all across this nation, the only thing a jury will be allowed to do is agree with the judge. 

This is what America has become, this is your freedom and this is the “law and order” you will accept. There is not a damned thing you are going to do about it, because despite all your rage you are still just a rat in this cage.

And we still believe that we cannot be saved.