The Magicians: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi & Ayman al-Zawahiri

America Uncensored / October 9, 2005        (Update below / Nov 20, 2005)

Every two to three months, Osama’s top guns seem to reappear. One has to wonder if these two
Will be the next main attraction for Las Vegas. The only explanation is that these two men are not
terrorist, but magicians. Both al-Zarqawi and al-Zawahiri have escaped not only prison, but also
death! Not only once, but dozens of times.  How could we ever win the war on terror as long as
these guys keep coming back to life?

On October 7, 2005 BBC News reported the US ‘intercepts al-Qaeda letter’. The letter appeared to
be from Osama bin Laden’s deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The New York
Times quoted a senior official as saying that the 6,000-word letter was dated early in July, and was
obtained by US forces involved in counterterrorism operations in Iraq.

There is nothing too spectacular about a letter being found from as far back as July. So where is the

We were told a number of times that Osama bin Laden’s top aide was either captured or killed. In
October 2002 we were told Ayman al-Zawahiri, considered Osama bin Laden’s top aide, has been
killed in Afghanistan. So it seems this letter would have probably contained further lessons on
escaping prison and death.

What have we become when we swallow every story we are told? Are we going to sit and allow them
to force fear into our minds? How do we know that these two men ever existed? Even if they did,
how do we know for sure that they are terrorist? The only evidence I have seen of terrorist, have all
been from London. The 7/7 bombers were from London, and the Basra attack revealed to us that
British special forces may be the real terrorist in Iraq.

What about al-Zarqawi?

January 4, 2005: Al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq

January 5, 2005: Al-Zarqawi captured in Iraq

Tuesday January 20, 2005 New Tape From Al-Zarqawi?

March 4, 2004: Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

April 26, 2005 Al-Zarqawi eluded capture but left clues.


The risks of the al-Zarqawi myth

Do a simple search on al-Zarqawi in the news, it is clear he has been captured, injured and killed
dozens of times.

When it is time for Bush to need to show progress in the war on terror, one of two men will be
captured or killed. Two months later, when Bush needs to show us that terrorist masterminds are
still on the loose, the same men will be out and about. It is the gullibility of the people that keep these
men alive.

De Ja Vu! Now (November 20, 2005) we are being told Al-Zarqawi May again Be Among Dead in
Iraq Fight. Of course he is, it’s not like we have heard that before right? Do you ever get the feeling
that al-Qaeda has access to advanced cloning technology? Those tricky little bastards would try
anything to destroy freedom, wouldn’t they? Get ready for “mini me” to be popping up somewhere.

Are you wondering how long it will take before we are told Al-Zarqawi is alive? Lets start the clock
now. Oh wait better stop already, not even a day has went by and the story changes. This time the
White House Doubts Al-Zarqawi Among Dead! Of course they do. Whoever printed the previous
story is going to have to explain why they did not go to the white house for proofreading. The White
House is not about to let you believe this man is dead. This character is far too valuable to let him
die. Who would Bush be able to blame all of the insurgent attacks on? Al-Zarqawi is alive and that is
all you need to know! They’ll let us know when it is okay to believe otherwise.

Until next time, keep your eyes open. You just might find Elvis in Iraq