Trump Surrenders To Gates’ Evil Alliance

Trump surrenders to Gates' evil alliance

Many Americans thinking they are awake are finding they are still asleep. One misconception is that Covid is an attack on the American election, and voting Trump will save us.  Meanwhile quietly Trump surrenders to Gates’ evil alliance, GAVI.

Before I proceed, I want to be clear that this is not a hit piece and is in no way intended to shape your vote. My intention is to point out the facts behind what is coming. First fact being that your vote will not stop the evil plan in motion. The only thing I stand to gain from opening your eyes is that together we might have a chance to save our liberty.

Unsettled issues have lead us into 2020 exploding into complete chaos. Not just the United States, but the whole world has been turned inside out. We are witnessing the words of John the Revelator come to life before our very own eyes.

Sadly, there is no hope for the left, as they have declared war on righteousness. Anyone on the left wishing to save their soul should walk away right now, without looking back.

Democrats have made clear they will waste no time to stand in line to accept a DNA altering biometric vaccine. They are also very clear that they have no problems forcing everyone to be injected with the invention of a dishonest computer nerd. Already, their unconstitutional mandates are being forced and accepted nationwide. Without any consequences. 

How can we pretend to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence when we have already given that up? Millions of Americans being forced to accept and do things against their independent will. Cities and towns cancelling taxpayer funded celebrations because forced masks and social distancing aren’t enough to keep you safe.

But that’s not liberty anyway.

July 4, 2020 should have been a live re-enactment of the people claiming Independence. But we chose instead to give it up. 244 years is a short time for such a high cost.

Given the current state of the union, it appears as the only way to escape this madness is to vote Trump and/or all red in November. After all, this plandemic only exists because this is an election year. It’s designed to disrupt the voting process so they can remove your choice for President. Because they are really after you and Donald Trump is the only thing standing in their way. 

Yes indeed, this is how it looks on the surface. Patriots see this and assume they are awake, without ever looking deeper. But what if Coronavirus had nothing to do with America’s election and everything to do with world domination? What if the man being trusted to protect our liberty is bargaining with our souls? 

For many, the only concern is making sure Trump wins 2020. They soothe themselves with the belief that vaccines will be safer under Pence’s “public / private partnership”. Arguing that a vaccine will not be mandatory under Trump

Bill Gates, on the other hand, has made clear that he expects every person on earth to be injected. How can Donald Trump save us from something he has already surrendered us to?

As Derrick Broze points out, Trump has already partnered with Gates’ evil alliance.

It is time to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is part of the system he pretends to fight. President Trump is doing nothing to protect America from its most dangerous threat. In fact, he pushes the belief that Covid is a plot against the election.  His job is to lure the resistance into submission. 

Covid-19 is the threat we all need to be concerned about, and the time for action is now. Coronavirus itself isn’t the problem. Our focus needs to be on their solution. The solution being a DNA-altering biometric vaccine, aka the mark of the beast. Now that Trump has surrendered to the pale horseman, it’s clear the coming election will not matter

You are not awake if you refuse to come to terms with this.

For those still believing that a vaccine will not be mandatory under Trump, just take a look around you. The president never made masks mandatory, yet it’s happening. 

Fact of the matter is, we are out of time and nobody in power is trying to save you. The elite have bled us dry of the worlds wealth and left us with only our souls. Now, their master has come to collect all that is left.

So called patriots refuse to see that Trump is in debt to this. Instead of viewing the facts, they jump to his defense. No different than trying to talk emails with a snowflake. Understandably fed up with the craziness from the left, their hearts break facing the truth. That truth being, all of this chaos could have been avoided if Donald Trump had brought real criminals to justice.  


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